Just perfect!

Finally the autumn weather has settled - great sunshine, no wind - just perfect. The roses are flowering again everywhere in the garden, too - what a beautiful time of year to be semi-retired!

I'm starting this week earlier than usual in the diary - last week I had so much to say that its page is all filled up. So much to say - about exactly the same things I had so much to say about in 2003, and 2002 ...

Right! This sad mood means I need to take charge. If the shasta daisies are annoying me for the tenth year in a row, then I should slice and rip them out. I've already set in motion the weed-killing (oops) of the rogue raspberry canes. I need to get more confrontational, be more decisive. I'm pretty good at redirecting paths when I feel the urge - so why can't I remodel garden areas that are unsuitably overgrown with the same conviction and energy? Back soon...

 This rose on the pergola is putting on a very good second flowering show.
Climbing Red Rose

Three Solid Hours Later...

This week I have started out as a 'quite fast and quite furious' gardener. Already today I have ripped out ground cover Hypericum roots with a sharp shovel and my bare hands. I have raked paths in the Wattle Woods and burnt the rubbish pile. I have potted up seedlings of Renga Renga and Foxgloves and Mountain Grass which were growing in the path middle. I have pruned a large Hebe (right time too, since it has just finished flowering). I mean business.

Still Later...

I am have gone apres-gardening, I am very tired, but hey! I've done five hours work in the garden! Now it's time to relax, watch the cricket, and read my terrible book (second reading - it's called 'The Worst Journey in the World' - it's about Scott's ill-fated adventures in Antarctica, but that's another story - Hmm...I could do an Oprah/Moosey type book-of-the-month...)

My goodness, I'm getting sidetracked - enough! This is supposed to be a gardening diary!

Sunday 14th March

I've been weeding by the water race in the Willow Tree Garden. In an emotional moment by the water's edge (no, I didn't almost fall in!) I decided that I have some really great gardening friends (I've been peeping at the forums). Sandra, Chooky and Mopsie - you legends! Kim, Jean, Jo-Anne and Faith - you are the best! Thanks for always keeping in touch, for caring and sharing.

The Water Race :
This is a straight irrigation canal, full of river water, which runs throug the Moosey property.

The water race is sparkling and clear today, and the noise of running water has been inspiring. I've been a good gardener - quietly digging in the plastic irrigation pipe, spreading mulch and manure, and getting incredibly muddy in the process. And all the time that beautiful shining water gurgling along over its stone bottom.

Continuing this emotional mood, I have decided I am so very lucky! And how could anyone get lonely with the following:

 Mowing the lawn by the Sleep-out.
Stephen the Wise

Hmm... Better get practical and go back out there. The back lawns have just been mown, so there are edges to do.

Tuesday 16th March

Right. Yesterday I was allowed a day off - though I did potter around a bit, and I tried to get some interesting photos of the sheep (the words 'interesting' and 'sheep' don't really combine well).

Today it is now lunchtime and I am about to wander into the garden. I may burn some more rubbish - then again I may not. In gardening intent (at least) I can be flexible...

 Cercis Forest Pansy is a beautiful small specimen tree.
Cercis Leaves in Autumn


Just to prove I can be totally random, I decided to weed part of the water race slope directly across from the Cercis Forest Pansy tree. This is done mainly lying flat on the grass, using a swimming action to slice the weeds with a shovel (and trying not to let anything fall in the water). I've left some self-sown plants like Nicotiana Sylvestris in place, and quite a few Verbascums which have seeded from my very first plant (it 'turned up' a couple of summers ago). I know I may regret this.

However I'm pleased with the results, though I'm still thinking about laying some sort of weed mat. Now I intend to rest up inside and write more long, interesting stories about one garden, three cats, one old deaf dog and a duck - as one does...

Friday 19th March

Oops - two days where I didn't do much in the garden at all. I took some pictures, though, and it's been a bit drizzly out there. Today I am going to burn the rubbish pile before I become distracted. Back (hopefully) not too soon.