Easter usually marks the start of my much needed holiday from my work, and I garden like a lunatic. This year, of course, I have much more time to sit, enjoy, and reflect, but old habits are hard to break...

Saturday April 10th continued...

Oops - Before starting today's garden work we decided to call into the Nursery Sale - just in case the Bargain Bin table had been replenished. It was being restocked, right before my eyes! I tried to be subtle - lurking in the background - then gave up and stood next to the assistants as they moved the plants from trolley to bench. Grab, grab, grab... I have Hebes, a Rhododendron, a Camellia, odd small trees...

 Bravely flowering as the first frost strikes them down.
The Last of the Autumn Dahlias

Later, apres-gardening, I find I am just too seriously tired to be much use today. I've potted some of the new plants, raked and weeded and carted rubbish loads to the fire. I've trimmed the hebes in the Wattle Woods and talked to the visiting rooster. But I've had no energy - must have used it all up at the sale!

Easter Sunday 11th April

I am going to be sensible today. I am NOT going to race around like the mad-woman of West Melton doing six things at once while keeping a large rubbish fire burning merrily.

 Snakebark Maple.
Last of the Autumn Leaves

I have several plans - one is to put half of the Stables seat into Middle Border. The path from Duck Lawn has almost become impenetrable at the Middle Bridge end, so the idea is that it will lead to a seat. Intrepid explorers can push on through the cordylines, but normal people can stop, sit, enjoy the water burbling along the race, and then retrace their steps.

Is this how great garden design comes about? I doubt it!

Visiting rooster is crowing in the sun by the Stables. I might start my gardening day with a second cup of tea, taken in the early morning Autumn sunshine, with the remains of the muesli packet to feed to my new garden friend. Back soon, hopefully not tired out.


I have worked slowly and steadily - so it has taken me over two hours to clear about five barrowfuls of rubbish and burn it. I also cut down the dahlias by the Pergola - the frost had killed their stems and leaves, but typically they were still trying to flower. A slight change of plan for the new seat - I have found some appropriate pieces of wood without deconstructing the one by the Stables. I must remember that this is my favourite Autumn and Winter sunshine seat.

Now we are off to the mountains for a walk in the bush. It's a beautiful day. I am so lucky.

We are back from the mountains ( I had a snooze in the car). On our return to Mooseys (at 4:30pm) the temperature was a calm sixteen degrees. I love this Autumn ambience! So I slowly burnt another four barrowfuls, including bits of the shelter trees that Stephen had trimmed. The garden is just lovely.

Easter Monday 12th April

What shall I do first? Continue the garden burn-up? I am trying to clear all the gum rubbish from the wee garden by the Hen House - as well as dig up the Golden Hop in Middle Border and totally weed along the edge of the water race. Trouble is by multi-tasking in the garden I never ever finish anything properly.

And I'm hoping to plant a small garden in son's flat in town. That's the reason I bought ten bargain bin hebes from the Nursery Sale, anyway. If I lose interest - perhaps I could plant a hebe hedge around that blasted Golden Hop!

 Nancy Steen.
Last of the Autumn Roses

Right. Enough twittering on. Time to grab some muesli (for the visiting rooster and hens), make a refreshing cup of tea, and sit thoughtfully on the Stables seat.

Late Lunchtime...

I have been clearing and burning for three hours! Stephen helped and we loaded the trailer with rubbish. Now I am allowed a decent mid-day rest - food, cup of tea, book etc. I may not do any more gardening today.

Tuesday 13th April

Hee hee - this morning when I first woke up I played the I-still-work-full-time game. Lots of fun to realise the self trickery, and then think about the things I might do today. Which part of the garden will I work in? Will I try and walk to the shop with the dog? Perhaps some porridge and chopped corn for rooster and the hens?

Anyway, it's another clear warm looking day, so the sky's the limit. Back when I've done something sensible. Hopefully it doesn't involve burning rubbish.

My First Rooster :
Le Grand Poulet has one of the original bridges, Rooster Bridge, named after him.

Right - I have done a few sensible things - I've cleared more water race edge, I've trimmed the Willow tree, I've weeded in the Stables Border (with visiting rooster in tow, pecking and poking behind me - reminding me of my very first rooster called Le Grand Poulet - but that's another story!). Now I am having morning hot chocolate - a daring departure from gardening tradition.

Now I have gone apres-gardening, after another couple of hours' work along the water's edge - it's only 2 pm. It's sad that my garden energy is so finite - alas, the frailty of the Moosey gardener - all talk and no - trousers? Hmm... I'm off to lie on the back lawn with the dog and read.