New hope...

I love being on holiday in the Spring. There is such new hope in the garden at this time of year.

 Beautiful lemon daffodils with red centers.
Daffodils in Middle Border

Sunday 17th September

I started gardening at 7 am, and I have worked so hard - I am very proud. I have stone-edged more of the borders and I am pleased with this 'look'. The funny thing is that when I try to remember exactly what I did from 7 am until 4.30pm, I can't!! However I am really stiff and my hands are sore - hmmm...

Today there was beautiful sunshine and two more lambs were born. Taj-dog also did a very odd dog-thing. He took the lamb suit that Stephen had taken off the rescued lamb and secretly buried it. He probably thought that the lamb had come to pieces (dog brain!)...

And we won the cricket test against Zimbabwe. Cool.

Friday 22nd September

Ha!!! I am on holiday!!!

Today I will take lots of photos and go around my garden noticing things. I will try to work really hard too, and become an Olympic gardening legend (in my own mind, anyway!). I will report back later - first thing is to check lambs, then sit outside with cats and first cup of tea. And I am NOT going to answer the phone!!!

I have come inside now and it's 4.30 pm I've done major weeding in the Ex-Island Bed, and put down some horse-poos and straw. And I have wandered around noticing things.

Things in the Garden

Saturday 23rd September

I am still on holiday! It's 7.30am, and I have first cup of tea ready and cats waiting. Today I plan to look at things on a very large scale. I think this is called 'garden design'... hee hee... as well as writing a list of small scale things to do...

List of Small Scale Things to Do

Off I go! I am extremely happy and will MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT!!!

Sunday 24th September

Yesterday I had such a good day - potting up seedlings, digging, weeding, planting and NOTICING THINGS (the best of all). I think that Middle Border with its daffodils is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The last ewe had twins. We tailed the lambs (the smell of lanolin on clothes and hands is nice). And we won the second cricket test against Zimbabwe.

Before I start today, I want to say that I feel so lucky and thankful that I am able to garden (with old creaky knees, legs that get stiff, eyes that need spectacles...).


I LOVE MY GARDEN! I have half finished yesterday's list. Things are starting to look really good! The Dog-Path Garden is really hard to dig though.

 An assortment of succulents, complete with spiders webs.
Succulents in Pots

Tuesday 26th September

No gardening yesterday, as I spent the day in town visiting my gardening friend Astrid. Her small "patch" above the beach was looking great - and she forced me (honestly!) to bring home various succulents in pots.

Now today it is raining, but who cares? I am on holiday, and will garden no matter what the weather... I am strong... I am invincible... I am GARDENER!!!

Head Gardener Activities

Wednesday 27th September

Today I am going to make a visible difference somewhere. Hopefully in the new Dog-Path Garden, which I suspect isn't quite big enough yet.


I think I have! (made a visible difference that is.) The new Dog-Path Garden is planted with just a few new roses (oops) and mulched. Also I have tidied up the patio succulents in pots - when you get close to them their detail is beautiful. Some coprosmas have been terracotta potted - a subtle colour scheme, but looking good.

Tomorrow I am going to work hard ALL DAY and do a general cleanup of absolutely all the borders and edges. I will also pot up more seedlings and take cuttings. I will be a supergardener.

Thursday 28th September

Time to make a Serious List...

Serious List

7.45 am

Time to get going on that list!

 Spring flowering foliage plants.
Mulch and Bergenias


Yes!! I did everything except line the stable planter boxes. Also I found perfect spaces for all the new roses purchased yesterday, in the newly cleared area next to the pergola. Things are looking well organised, with edges stoned, ready to be admired. I have a lot of penstemon cuttings (unfortunately without labels) which I will put in between the roses, and I'll soften the stone edge with stachys.

My big dig in the Dog-Path Garden was exhausting, but I can see a difference already. I am trying to dig 3 barrowfuls minimum per day from the edges of the water race. I am a legend.

Friday 29th September

Only able to put in one hour today - dug 3 more barrowfuls of grass and rubbish from the edge of the water race. The great dig will be finished tomorrow! Two of the new rhododendrons in Middle Border are pink... (nice!)

I've just had a thought... the garden map will have to be changed!!!! The Dog-Path Garden and the new pergola rose garden are NOT DRAWN ON IT!!!! Hee hee hee... two new gardens...

Saturday 30th September

I am writing this at lunchtime, resting with a cup of coffee before the visit to the river to get stones. The water race border between Middle Border and the hen house is dug.

Blue Flowers :
Chatham Island Forget-Me-Nots have beautiful blue flowers in spring, as well as large shiny green leaves.

The bargain bin was full of things that I wanted - I spent about $60 on Hellebores, Hebes, silver Astilbes and Chatham Island Forget-Me-Nots. Now I have seriously lost my nerve. How much sun will the Hellebores accept? Will the Chatham Island plants be happy in a large shady pot? How big will these red/brown leafed Hebes get? It was so much simpler when I was loading them greedily into the car boot and 'borrowing' money off Stephen - then I was full of confidence, knowing exactly the right spots...

I am hopeless, hiding inside. The coffee is finished. We are off to the river.


My confidence has returned, as I have found a most suitable place for the six Chatham Island Forget-Me-Nots (by corner of sleep-out where the disused dog kennel is). It's cool and quite damp. The water race planting has begun. All is well.