Tree Stump Dog

Taj-dog is standing wistfully by three of the stumps over the water race. This is a photo from the Moosey archives, when this area was garden-free. Taj-dog has his eyes on something, probably Stephen, a cat or a bunny.

 These stumps have been since levelled.
a dog thinking

My grand designs for this area originally did not include stumps. It was designed to be beautifully mown grass, flat and green. Then the Stumpy Garden gained momentum, and the plants, shrubs, and trees finally took over.


This used to be one way to minimise the 'tree stumps in the lawn' look, by camouflaging an offender with a wheelbarrow. That was before my grand planting schemes for the Stumpy Garden got under way.

 evidence of a hard working gardener
rustic wheelbarrow

The Moosey landowners have separate wheelbarrows - of course! This rustic garden accessory belongs to Non-Gardening Partner.