Prokofiev and Primroses...

 In a pot on the house patio.
Blue Primrose

Am going through a Prokovief piano phase - very odd, me. Want to improve our relationship, to make a stronger connection. Don't ask me why! So in between bursts of gardening I zoom inside, wash my hands, and play my piano. Prokovief's music is patchy - some parts incredibly noisy and difficult, others really sweet and simple.

Sonata No. 2

I'm learning Sonata No. 2 in D Minor and Sonata No. 7 in something with no sharps or flats in the key signature (but lots in the music itself). Go slowly at first and listen well, that's my advice to myself. Actually I reckon lots of pianists play him too fast.


So they don't have to listen properly? So they can get him over with as quickly as possible? Allegro, ma non troppo - hmm...

Made a good start over the weekend pruning the roses in the Hump Garden (which is full of roses) and weeding. Easy work, as I'm happy to get a wet muddy bottom (and knees). Have it on good authority (computers, phone, and so on) that August is almost over. I'd like to finish the roses by the end of August, and as much of the general trimming as I can.

Also called into the nursery and bought potting mix, seed raising mix, seed potatoes, and some six-packs of primroses - two blue, two lemon yellow. Also some seedling packs of spinach and parsley. So here's the plan for today : a list of things that start with P...

  1. Prokovief
  2. Pots
  3. Pruning
 So pretty!
Yellow Primroses

Easiest list ever, hee hee...

Much Later...

Haven't done the pots. But the Hump Rose Garden is almost fully pruned - and weeded - the Miscanthus zebrinus grass is trimmed, so are the mounds of Mexican daisies.

And Sonata No 2 is absolutely beautiful - well, the first movement is, taken at two thirds the required speed. Not a problem! The thumpy bits are a hoot and the slower smooth bits are so bitter sweet, very haunting. It seems to me that Prokovief is madly in love with minor and major sixth intervals.

Sorry about the pots, but I have to go out to a singing rehearsal. Just checked - I also bought some Lobelia and Polyanthus seedlings. Nice! Have cuts all over my hands and no sticking plasters (thin skin, so annoying), and mud all over my gardening jeans. OK. Quick change, I think, then tra-la-la.

 Rather large!
Fred the Cat

Tuesday 30th August

What a silly day I've had. Went for a swim, arrived home feeling a bit hip-and-knee sore. Sat down and stretched leg out, watched a dude kayaking down the Hess River in the Yukon, Scary stuff (for me). Took a painkiller and went to my in-house bed - just for a wee snooze, nothing too serious. Woke up three hours later with one of the Freds curled up on my tummy. He is one heavy cat!

And all day the sun has been shining, the birds chirping in excitement that spring may have arrived. THE perfect gardening day, and I have totally missed it. Sorry about that, garden. Sorry, birds, sorry, seedlings and pots. Sorry Prokovief - haven't heard a plink or a plonk out of you all day.

Wednesday 31st August

Off for an early swim, then off to play Prokovief with my flute friend (his wonderful flute and piano sonata). Then a pledge to my seedlings and pots. I WILL DO YOU! Sounds rather threatening, but they'll know what I mean.


I did them! Pretty pots!