Autumn Aconite

March 2021 has stalled. It's been a month of waiting. Waiting for rain - please, some rain. We are irrigating the sheep paddocks and/or parts of the gardens every night...

Waiting for the autumn leaf colour. Only the Cercis Forest Pansy tree, so far, has shown any obvious signs. The temperatures have been far too warm. Please some leaf colour to complement the autumn flowers...

But far worse is waiting for the fire ban to be lifted. Piles of gum tree and cordyline leaves are mounting up along the fence-lines, and they cannot be disposed of in any other way than burning. I have huge messes to be disposed of. Aargh! Am not looking forward to this.

Meanwhile the big early autumn trim continues. Today I went back into the water race to finish off weeding the banks and clearing Gunnera and Phormiums. It's definitely a relaxing and refreshing garden task. I worked for a couple of hours, until my feet got a bit cold. Then took my camera into the water and took some low-level watery photographs. Almost slipped over and had a splash-down. Eek! That trusty camera lives to click another day.

In the Water Race

And then - woo hoo! I cleaned up my mess. Yeay! I seem to have become (momentarily) more disciplined at the end of the gardening day. It only took an extra half hour. My usual lazy end-of day instinct is to leave the mess and scuttle inside. So I can sleep well tonight and start tomorrow's gardening with mental positivity. Yeay!

Be patient...

And the lack of autumn leaves - well, I just need to be patient, yes? And I need to remember that when the leaves colour, that means they are dying. And then they fall, and then they have to raked up. Aargh! Sore shoulders! Enjoy the dahlias instead - there a lots of reds, oranges, and yellows all around the garden.

 So pretty!
Autumn Dahlias

Regarding the lack of water - I've got my little hoses on the Allotment Garden. I need to do this, shifting them appropriately, every day until it rains. And we wont even think about the fire ban coming off. The less said about autumn bonfires the better.