Lilli-Puss continued...

The re-integration of Lilli-Puss (my lost-and-found fourteen year-old grey cat) continues. Some days she's brave, and comes down into the main lounge room. Other days, not so. Lilli was always timid, I remind myself. She's doing her best, I remind myself. She loves cuddles, chin-tickles, and company, and shows no sign of wanting to leave us.

 Loves being chin-tickled.

The lounge rooms do belong to the Fred cats. It's their snoozing domain. Lilli-Puss comes in when she's feeling brave, but I don't trust pesky Red Fred, and have always removed him from the action. But I honestly thought that Black Fred was mellowing. One afternoon I even had him and Lilli snoozing on different TV couches. I was so pleased - what lovely, relaxed, mature cats.


The very next day Black Fred made himself horribly fat, howled and danced sideways down the hallway, and chased Lilli into her room. Nasty! Blast!

 All seemed to be going well...
Cats on the Couches

Oh well. Lilli is back safe in her room with food and a litter tray. She always enjoys her visitors, and when the coast is clear she'll jump out her window and come round to the back door. Patience. Patience. And then more patience...