Winter weeding...

 Possibly the variety Jack Humm.
Winter Crabapples

Winter weeding. The ground is moist, my knees are muddy, and the weeds slither out of the soil easily, handfuls of them, roots and all. They are all lushly green and very damp. So many weeds!

Satisfying weeding?

So this is very satisfying weeding, yes? Yes. I suppose so. So why have I left the garden to come inside? To check the dogs (they were singing). Winnie (safe and bored in her crate) goes to the vet later today. A 'recovery issue' needs to be checked, to see that there's no damage. Am feeling very nervous about this. The plan is to crank up the log-burner, grab a cup of hot tea, and get on back outside. It's almost spitting with rain, but not too cold. Yet.


I had wonderful gardening company from the blackbird with the bright orange eyes. He's a solo, friendly bird, and hops after me in the Hump Garden watching my hands, checking the dirt for worms (poor things). Meanwhile a lone fluttery fantail swooped around my head, chattering and squeaking, watching for small flying insects. Share the garden, I say! Luckily the lazybones Fred cats were inside, stretched out in front of the log-burner.

Winnie is OK

Winnie's vet visit went well. Her whoopsie (a small escape off the leash) only caused some minor damage (I still cried). But thankfully she is a four-legged dog again, with some extra medication, back on the proper road to recovery. Phew. I love the vet.

Friday 12th June

I saw more birds today - flocks of sparrows were sitting in the Gunnera eating the seeds from the seed-heads, while I trimmed off the huge leaves, brown with the first frosts. A real winter task, this.

 A most unusual garden water feature...
Gunnera Seed-Head

I got quite cold, so came inside, cranked up the log-burner, and did some more teddy bear knitting (my latest indoor craze). The idea is that I can be more sociable in the evenings - while Non-Gardening Partner reads his nerdy magazines I sit with him and knit. Am also doing a bit of Youtube train travel - another winter indoors pastime. Switzerland's mountains look amazing from the cab of a train (and the comfort of my TV couch).

 Viewed from the house - still very colourful!
The Island Bed in Winter

Taking the dogs for their separate walks I thought about being warm in winter. Am so grateful that my house is cosy. And that Winnie is OK. And that there are still wonderful colours and textures to enjoy in my winter garden. And that I am providing 'natural' food for the birdies.