The story of my garden...

Nothing is ever finished. Ha! The Story of my Garden in four words. But I have no trouble finishing things in my mind - funny that. The perils of visualisation - where the real gardening day just leads on to tomorrow, and then the next tomorrow, and so on.

 In a pot by my patio.
Sunshine on Red Cordyline

So I've been working hard all day, trimming Euphorbias and Cordylines, weeding, and digging out nasty creeping grass from the garden at the corner of the Frisbee lawn. Silly me - have run out of puff a little early, come inside for a cup of tea and a muffin, and have left everything outside to clear up. But I haven't got all the grass out. Humph. I need to take the dogs for a walk around the orchard, and then, if I have time, return to that garden task. Even half an hour more would be great. If every garden day had half an hour more attached to it, just imagine how much improvement there'd be!

 And brown Camellia!
Pink Camellia


I did one more hour. Yeay for me. Then lit the log-burner and read more of my mountaineering book, written by the first Australian to summit all 8000 high peaks in the Himalaya. I don't like snow, or heights, but I just find extreme endurance of cold and height fascinating (silly old woman, me).

Next Day...

I worked hard again! I dug more creepy grass out of the corner garden, unearthed (so to speak) a red Cordyline, a couple of pretty Hebes, and a juvenile green Cordyline. Removed some daffodil bulbs and an ornamental grass (suspect it's a Miscanthus), potted them up for replanting somewhere else. Have asked Non-Gardening Partner to mow right to the edge of the garden. A neat and well-defined edge makes the garden look the same, hee hee.

Finished the day with the bonfire blazing merrily. Couldn't put the creepy grass on the compost, so started working my way through the dead shrub pieces and Phormium leaves piled up on the boundary. Pouff it all went - the flames grew brighter, the day;light grew dimmer. Nice symmetry.

Tuesday 28th July

Today I worked my way down the Allotment Garden. I weeded, I shifted and replanted roses, I pruned others, and I planted a scrambler up by the wire netting fence. I also spread loads of horse manure. I'm not the most confident rose pruner, and some of the roses in this garden are simply not in very good shape anyway. I thought Aotearoa had died - dug it up, saw some new canes just starting to grow (hope they're not rootstock). So back in it went, forward in the garden where there's more sun. Decided that if I kill a rose by pruning then it doesn't deserve to live anyway - a bit harsh!

 Where I read my scary books...
My Cottage in Winter

Have finished my 8000er book. So scary. An amazing set of mountains, and to think about even getting to their base camps gives me the shivers. Quite glad I'm a gardener, feet on the ground (100 meters above sea level), happy finding my adventures in books.