Don't look back...

 My beautiful black cat.
Black Buster

Silly really. This morning I woke up in the cottage feeling a bit sad and sentimental. Why? I wanted today to be as nice as yesterday. Was this possible? Probably not. Blast. Yesterday was THE BEST.

Just get on with it!

Well, this mood was just too silly for words. So I tickled Minimus (my cottage cat) under her furry chin and told myself to stop looking backwards. Just get on with it. It. Anything, and turn this new day into something groovy.

Slowly, gradually, everything I did became enjoyable, satisfying. The result - today ended up being just as nice! I've been sticking to my five-things formula for good living and self-affirmation since before Christmas. And it really works. Here's today, in no particular order:

1. Spend time with friends and family OK, I went swimming with my friend, had morning tea with two more, and I sewed a skirt for grand-daughter who starts school soon. And of course I was nice to Non-Gardening Partner.

2. Do some music Non-Gardening Partner and I chugged through a Bach sonata (No. 4) for violin and piano. I made him do all the repeats, hee hee (he doesn't practice).

3. Spend time with the cats and dogs I went dog walking (Buster the black cat came too), I threw sticks for Winnie in the pond, and I've just taken the Fred kittens outside for a photo shoot. Tiger the cat has eaten all their left-overs. She likes all these groovy little tins of yummy cat food.

 Red Fred on the left, Black Fred on the right.
The Fred Kittens

4. Seek new information I'm reading about the Borgia Pope (Alexander) and his children. 1495-ish in Italy - what an interesting time and place in which to be living. Not so good for females...

5. Do some gardening Right. Here I go. I have lots to report. A big bronze Phormium by the Pond had broken apart, all the fans fallen down with the weight of flower stems. So I took to it with one of my steak knives (it will reprout).

 The big flax to the right has been chopped right back.
The Path Behind the Pond

Then I worked my way along the path around the back of the pond. Oops. This was very overgrown - the Anamanthele grasses, in particular, having taken over. Not necessarily a bad thing - these grasses are beautifully ornamental, fountain shaped when mature. Just beautiful.

Just a few mosquitoes...

There were mosquitoes about - not too many, but enough to cause a wise gardener (me) to be well covered (yes) and to keep on the move (yes). Especially when working around the pond.

 Surrounded by trees.
Pond Cottage in Summer

And now, just slightly fuzzy in the head with House Merlot, I'm off to bed in Pond Cottage where lovely Minimus will be waiting. See. I've had THE BEST day - again!