So happy!

 Very tall, growing well in the partly shaded Hen House Garden.
Monsieur Tillier Rose

I'm so happy with my November garden. Nothing look tired, nothing is struggling. The hot dry winds have stayed away, and there'e been much more rain (gentle, warm) than usual. I'm even happy to be weeding in it...

Wednesday 21st November

Because weeds are much, much easier to extract from damp borders. Naturally, all the weeds have grown rather well in the rain, and are definitely more visible. Some say that if a gardener doesn't enjoy weeding, then they're not the 'real deal'. Hmm. Remind me of that next time I get weed-grumpy!

Late rhododendrons...

My late rhododendrons are enjoying this moist introduction to summer. Lovely shrubs, these, but in a normal year the early and mid-season varieties produce the best displays. My new garden in The Hump is flourishing (weeds are popping up everywhere between my rose plantings). Not a problem, I remind myself! This garden is only three months old, and I love the way it's developing organically (in both senses of the word).

Yesterday my horse poos lady delivered another fifteen bags of manure. The roses she has donated have survived their relocation. Many are tall, small-flowered varieties - patio roses, perhaps?

My own roses, rescued from inappropriate locations and replanted here, are thriving as well. Sun and light, horse manure and mulch, and natural watering from above - perfect! Buster the cat adores me gardening here. She sits on the mulch mountain surveying 'her' garden.

 By the new gardens in The Hump.
Buster on the Mulch Mountain

Today it's raining again, lightly, and I've already done one session pulling out forget-me-bits and weeding in the Stumpy Garden. I've been pulling out forget-me-bots (both the annuals and the perennial Alkanet) for weeks now. I keep on finding new places which need dealing to. But I love their blue spring contribution to the garden.

The Prettiest Weed in the World

As I do the pink Campion, another weed for some, which has seeded and is flowering in rather a lot of places. Hee hee. Not a problem! I've started to pull out some of the older plants. There'll be more than enough seedlings left for next spring.

 Nicely mown and very rosy!
The Back House Lawn

November is my busiest photography month, with the wonderful roses (over three hundred of them) taking up lots of digital space and time. And this November has been my slackest journal month for a while. Most of my word-thoughts have stayed put inside my head. Best place for them, perhaps? The word 'beautiful' pops up a lot - many times a day, actually!