Lovely shrub.
Pale Pink Camellia

Hey, yet another grey day. Again? So grey is the new blue, as far as sky colour in winter goes? Grey, inconspicuous, neutral... Apparently the human eye can distinguish about five hundred shades of grey. Is that believable? I don't think so, Mister Google!

Five hundred shades of grey?

Anyway, as a winter gardener I do not want to look up at the grey sky five hundred times to test this out. I want to be out gardening underneath some blue! Actually I want a frost in the morning to precede this crisp blue sky. Then I can test out all my 'new' merino clothing, both gardening and apres gardening.

The garden, however, is providing just a few splashes of colour - Camellias (flowering early) and those garish, cheerful yellow daisy bushes which seem to be indestructible. Yellow flowers in mid-winter - how wonderfully refreshing!

 Sunny yellow!
Winter Flowering Daisy

Today I've been bonfiring again. I raked out wet gum tree mess (leaves and strips of bark) from the Wattle Woods. I also started' pruning' the apple tree, chopping the reject branches into tiny pieces and adding them to the fire.

 And a bit of blue!

It was a fairly grumpy bonfire, actually. And overhead this bland greyness - the same shade all afternoon. Now I've mooched inside to have a cup of tea, so naturally the sky has darkened. That makes two shades of grey in four hours. So much for five hundred.

Wanted : Blue Sky

Wanted : blue sky. Just a small piece will do. Even a hint of blue - a streak or two. Just for a few minutes. Pretty please?

It's been damp for weeks. Drizzle, mizzle, fizzle (that's drizzle with fog), alternating with lots of rizzle. And you'll be able to guess what that is.

No photos, please...

And guess what? I refuse to take photographs of grey in the garden. I know that fog can look quite atmospheric and spooky. Fog is interesting. But plain grey is simply not mysterious, not interesting. It's just grey.

Wednesday 19th June

Grrrrrrrr-ey again. And more drizzle overnight. Damp and wet garden. But wait a minute - what's that I see? Up there? Could it be a patch of blue? Yeay! Blue is the new grey...

 Smiling at meeeeeeee.....
Finally! Blue skies!