No fool like an old fool...

 With a new lease of life.
Spiky Pink Dahlias

Eek. April has sneaked into my life and my garden. There's no fool like an old fool? I sailed (well, 'gardened' might be the better word) through the 1st of April, April Fools' Day, without even knowing. Perhaps I was tricked ten times and didn't have the wits to notice? No - it just means that I am surrounded by totally sensible, serious-minded living beings. Most of whom are either mature older ladies (who are well past all that nonsense) or dogs and cats, and they definitely don't 'do' April Fools' Day.

Welcome, April...

So a belated welcome to April, and please can your autumn colours be gradual and your light so amazing that my autumn photographs look wonderful. Dull golden tree colours are starting to appear, leaves are starting to fall, and the oaks are turning - some whole branches are red, while the next-door branch is still green. Delightful!

Today it's been drizzling, and this is likely all week. We are getting the after-effects of cyclone Debbie, which has been a horrible weather nuisance in the east of Australia. We just get the annoying rain dregs. But no - that's simply not fair. Rain is wonderful for my free-draining garden. And Buster the black cat keeps appearing, soaking wet. She is an all-weather cat - in and out of the house she goes, all day long. Eek! Better protect your computer keyboard, upon which she suddenly springs, dripping water.

Rusty the old dog is not totally well. He has had an upset tummy (don't ask how I know) and a dog-cough. So he goes to the vet this week - it's time to re-investigate some arthritis treatment, anyway. Rusty is nearing thirteen. That's doggone old!

 Parts of which are covered in spotty red toadstools.
Winnie on Duck Lawn

Winnie (my young black and white border collie) is patient and (I think) supportive of him. But , oh boy, our garden walks can be verrrrrrry slow at times.

Tuesday 4th April

It's drizzling again, with the big rains forecast for tomorrow. Wet wanderings with camera hidden underneath rain-jacket are the order of the afternoon. I notice I have a lot of red spotty toadstools. The dahlias, invigorated by the rain and drizzle, are flowering better than ever.

And I love the late rose blooms. Often a shrub will just have one or two, even more beautiful for their sparseness. One can become over-rosed in early summer...

 Dear dog.

At the vet's...

We had a good session at the vet, with a management plan for Rusty's old dog issues (which now include rotten teeth, oops). Winnie and I visit next week, where the vet nurse will teach me how to brush her teeth. I didn't know anything about tooth brushes and toothpaste for dogs. Another oops.

So Rusty's happy dog-place is possibly now in the concourse, near to the departure lounge. But his 'flight' has yet to be called! He loves his people, he loves the dog park, and he so enjoyed himself being a proper sheepdog and helping with the ewes over the weekend. And I think he rather enjoys pottering around in the garden with me.

So on we go. Two happy old fools, hee hee...