The autumn clean-up?

This concept of the autumn clean-up (singular) just doesn't ring true for me in my garden. At the moment, after four early-autumn clean-ups I am enjoying the third of my mid-autumn ones, to be followed by at least a couple of late autumn ones. And then - yippee! The first of the early winter clean-ups, I think we get the point. Clean-ups plural. I am always cleaning up.

 And the greenest of lawns!
Autumn colours

So far today I've cleaned up all the yellow crab-apples which have dropped onto the Stumpy (AKA Willow Tree) Garden. The huge clumps of dahlias are dug out and are to be planted in the Welcome Garden, where they can be as unspectacular as they please.

Iris confusa Chengdu :
This is one of those plants that I think I like! It certainly likes me and my garden, that's for sure.

The Iris confusa Chengdu is looking rather scruffy, and its old stems have died off. I didn't know it did that. I also didn't know how much it would enjoy spreading itself around. Does this worry me? Should this worry me? Questions which only the third of the mid autumn clean-ups can throw up, hee hee.

Much Later...

The morning's aim was to work my way towards the brick Koru courtyard, and the next patch of clover. Hmm - that joy is to come. I'm miles away! But I am making progress.

 In the Allotment Garden.
Flowering Now - Graham Thomas

Then in the afternoon we delivered a load of firewood to big brown dog Escher's parents. Back home, I worked until it got dark. Finally the little palm tree is organised, new soil in its large pot, well-watered, re-positioned into the Allotment Garden. The dahlias have been planted. I am content. I have worked hard.

Monday 17th April

Day two of the third of my mid autumn clean-ups - I've de-clovered the Dog-Path Gardens as far as the big red Maple tree. What beautiful autumn colours there are in this garden! The Cornus florida goes orange, the Maples go red, and the big Elm goes corn yellow. Meanwhile underneath all the flaming leaves my Phormiums are regrowing, with fresh green and vibrant wine-red spiky leaves. Such a contrast. Wow, wow, and wow again.

There's no other season I'd rather be in. Small thought : maybe the first blooming of the roses season? Oops. Best forget about that for now, live in the autumn moment...

I've dug out and replanted some Pittosporums (like I said I would) and shifted the rose John Clare into the Allotment Garden. Dear John - I found him languishing in gloomy shade. Oops. Some Gunnera seedlings had been allowed to establish themselves on top of him, by the water's edge. Their leaves are huge from late spring on, and they were also smothering a pretty patch of raspberry coloured daylilies. I've left Golden Celebration (another threatened rose) in place, and will keep a check on it next spring.

Tuesday 18th April

This morning I took my friend with the dogs for a forest walk. Then I popped into the vet to weigh Winnie, my young Border Collie dog-on-a-diet. Plaintively I addressed the Dog Gods : 'Please, please let my new feeding regime be working'. Yesssss! She has lost half a kilo. Yesssss! Thank you, Mister Eukanuba.

 That is what I call them. Amazing detailed colours and design!
Flowering now - Toad Lilies

No gardening today, by choice rather than weather restrictions. My hands are still sore from pulling clover, so I decided to let them have the day off. The dogs and I have been walking around the garden admiring the autumn leaf colours, which change in intensity and hue daily. And then the meanest yet most natural trick of all - one day nearly all the leaves have dulled and dropped, and a tree is nearly bald.