Evaluating success?

 With her frisbee.

Imagine if I had KPIs for evaluating the success of my New Year's Resolution - to be a better gardener. Eek! That would be so pompous. It's enough that I enjoy myself.

And at the end of each day I celebrate some lovely garden experiences, peep at my latest pretty photographs, record my accomplishments, soak myself in garden happiness, drink a fruity cider... Nice!

Monday 4th January

Today my garden companions have been tabby cat Tiddles and large cat-monster Fluff-Fluff. We three have been gardening in the Frisbee Lawn Border. I've been weeding and gathering up fallen Cordyline leaves to put in a pile underneath the hedge, avoiding Tiddles's sharp claws in the process. The dogs have been lolling around, waiting for something exciting to happen. Dogs get a bit bored by gardening, and I haven't taken them to the dog park today.

After a short holiday, Big Escher is back, and he seems to have lost confidence. Relaxing in the middle of the Frisbee Lawn, he was confused when Tiddles approached him. Aargh! Scary! When she rolled over to show off her spotty tummy he didn't quite know what to do. Dear Escher!

 By the pond.
Cannas in Pots


I'm just having the shortest of breaks - a cup of tea, and a listen to Debussy's violin and piano sonata. Would I (and Non-Gardening Partner) like to play this? Would he practice it enough to get it sounding OK? I've just asked him if he likes it. 'A bit dribbly' is his reply. Blimey, it is Debussy, after all...

NGP tells me he is more of a Bach man, but he doesn't practice his Bach sonatas, and one cannot bluff Bach. Hmm... A New Year's Resolution is needed for him, I reckon.


Well done, me. I did some concentrated weeding along the boundary. I trimmed the foxgloves and scattered their seed pods everywhere. The new shrubs are thriving and the Pittosporums are growing well. Several Locust trees have self-seeded, in an exact row along the boundary. Perfect! And the daylilies seem to like it in here.

Now to list some things I am really happy about :

  1. Canna lilies growing in pots by the pond.
  2. Orlaya in pots by the cottage.
  3. Little colourful flowers - violas, coreposis.
  4. The cheerful yellow flowering summer shrubs - Senecio and Hypericum.

Tuesday 5th January

Ha! Have spent the morning working on log-splitting next winter's firewood. This always feels silly, with the summer sun blazing above. I've had lunch, with a large drink of cool lemonade, and now it's time I did some of my 'better gardener' routine. First I'm going to clean up the huge pieces of gum bark from the Frisbee Lawn. Then - who knows? I'll find something nice to do, maybe in the shade.