D is for Decisive...

 A rhododendron tree!
Pretty Pink Rhododendron

Good morning. It's time for a D-Day. That's D for 'Decisive'. I am not going to diddle and dawdle around. So first of all we are off, decisively, to the dog park. But should I wear my down vest? Or maybe my blue and black wool jacket? But will it be drizzly? And will the grass be wet? Should I take gumboots, or just wear my hiking shoes? Hee hee....

Friday 7th October

It's late in the day, and I am pleased to report that there has been absolutely no dithering. I've spread more path mulch, weeded, planted out Queen Anne's Lace and Stachys, and finished the day burning the bonfire. It's early, but I'm off to bed. No mucking about.

Saturday 8th October

My goodness the garden looks wonderful. Not necessarily because of my decisively hard work, though. Everything is filling out all on its own. It's almost the main rhododendron flowering time, too. And the purple and white Honesty, the Iris confusa, and the forget-me-nots. Love them! And the Crab-Apple trees are starting to blossom, as I knew they would. So many beautiful things to take photographs of.

But there's something else, possibly THE main contributor to the beauty. The lawns are spring green and freshly mowed, at the same time as I've trimmed the edges. So simple! Synchronicity...

Sunday 9th October

Oooh - lovely rain. And then sparkling sunshine, and not a drop of the cold wind we had earlier. So I went outside full of energy to do more edges. And I was going to weed anything that was obvious. But doesn't it always happen like this? After two beaming, blissful hours, the weeds eagerly slipping up out of the earth, the green lawns looking so magnificent, I made a tactical error. I peeped in front of the glass-house to check the path.

 Looking good...
Lawns and Edges!

I cleared this path about four weeks ago. OK, uber-manly beards can grow in a couple of days. It had taken a little longer for the path to become carpeted - infested, even - by squillions of soft green things. Weeds everywhere. No path visible. And two ways to look at this late-in-the-day discovery.

  1. Aargh! So unfair. I thought I'd made real progress. Poop. Blast. Assorted words of dismay.
  2. Yeay! A great reason for getting up tomorrow morning. Something to do! Yippee!


Done. Five hours work, with much barrowing of path mulch. It all looks so groovy. I also pruned dead wood out of the rugosas in front of the glasshouse. Agnes seems to be suffering, with only one live cane left.

 They all look so neat and tidy!
Mulched Paths

Oops. I'm writing this much later in the week. It's like I've been living off-line, gardenwise these last days. The garden-net has gone down! Each day I've punctuated my busy social life (ha ha) with a spot of decisive path mulch barrowing and/or light back-bendy weeding. Some days it's been rainy, and I've poked around indoors writing music, or driving off to rehearsals.

 Neighbours in the driveway.
Choisya and Crab-Apple Flowering

Last evening I even did some twilight gardening - spreading soil around a bare patch in the Pond Paddock lawn and sowing grass seed. Had just come home from a pensioner's roast and a glass of red wine at the pub. Couldn't really see properly. Dread to think how evenly covered (or level) this new bit of lawn will be!