I didn't write this...

Disclaimer : the following was NOT written by me. There is no way I would grump on and on about my neighbour's tree mess. Some other moaning Moosey-clone has infiltrated my gardening journal. Maybe one of my gnomes, bored with fishing...

 Oh dear...
Closer View of Some of the Tree Mess

Sunday 26th January

Yesterday's gardening afternoon was full-on functional, with little room for sentiment. My challenge - how to further improve the side driveway area. The neighbour's mess, so very visible, really annoys me, and I dislike having no privacy. Let's face it - gardeners spend a lot of time gazing into the distance, and a huge tree-mess is not a pleasant 'borrowed view'.

A Hopeless Problem?

It felt like a hopeless problem, so I weeded and watered and got glummer and glummer. Non-Gardening Partner was a great help, whizzing along the other side of the boundary with his weed-eater. This made things look more cared-for, but I didn't feel much better.

 Imagine bunting hanging betweeen the pine trees!
The Tree Mess!

OK. As one does, I tried my hardest at 3am to solve my problem. A cosmetic solution would be better than nothing, and my non-sleepy mind's eye saw a long line of trellis covered with dripping roses.

 The logs mark the boundary.
Row of Pittosporums

But I am not a fence erector. So silly to puzzle about such things in the middle of the night, anyway. I thought about building a 'fence' in-between with old bed-heads. Non-Gardening Partner would have a fit. He says I collect far too much junk anyway.


Well, this morning I am taking action. The seven Pittosporums already planted as a screen are growing well. I'm taking the watering hose over there, and I'll look for compost to further build up their raised bed. I'll make a list of shrubs from other parts of the garden to shift in.

Be Patient...

Then I promise to be patient for three years. And then - yippee! Hmm... Three years? That's a lot of gardening seasons!

Much Later...

It's all a matter of doing what one can do, and trying to do it well. I told myself to just ignore the mess next-door, and not to 'borrow the view'. I must make sure that my gardens are well cared for.

A Plan...

And I have a plan. After my potato patches have been harvested (one has been dug already) I'll get in a load of top-soil and plant more Pittosporums. These are brilliant shrub-trees, with the prettiest foliage - they're evergreen, and can be pruned or ignored. I like the variegated leaf varieties very much. Yippee for Pittosporums, the perfect screening shrub-tree.

 Behind the Stables.
Unknown Rose

Serious Weeding

So I've seriously weeded the Frisbee Corner Garden. The new path is clear and passable, and all raised beds along the fence are relatively weed-free. It's taken five hours, but I feel better. My side of the boundary is nurtured, yet natural.

I'm allowing the Campion and the Alkanet to flower and self-seed. Plants I can then shift in include more Agapanthus (I found a sprouting clump by the Pump House), several Coprosmas which have been far too long in pots, and a couple of Griselinias.


My cottage has had bunting for number of years now, so I am jolly well going to make some bunting to hang down the driveway. Why not? When something is an eyesore, one has three options :

  1. Completely hide it with something else.
  2. Remove it.
  3. Find a way to celebrate it, by turning bad into good.

Allow me to quote www.housetohome.co.uk : 'Whether you want to liven up your alfresco dining area or add the perfect accessory to your children's room, bunting can be a great finishing touch'. Hee hee. No mention of your neighbour's tree mess!

 Complete with a wee touch of black spot!
Zepherine Drouhin Roses

Next Day...

Aargh! I am ashamed of myself. Honestly - the neighbour's trees spoiling my view is a problem? It gives me the shivers. What a goose. My swimming friend would call this a 'first world problem'. Like I've just had the spare bedroom redecorated and now I don't like the new wallpaper... That sort of thing.

Mind you, during my sad-mood Saturday I also cried because I couldn't work our how to fit the extension on the hose. You'd think that an old-chook four-seasons gardener was made of sterner stuff, wouldn't you?

Today I feel suitably chastened - four hours of bonfire burning has smoked out any bits of my bad attitude that remain. The fire ban was lifted a couple of weeks ago, but today has been (in my opinion) the first safe day for burning. I dislike burning, so I thought it would be a good way to do penance...

Random Photographs

You might notice that two random rose photographs have popped onto this page. I definitely claim responsibility for them! Aren't they pretty? Zepherine is fully flowering for the second time this summer. She's a lovely country rose. Maybe her blooms are a bit ragged and imperfect, but she's robust.

And the Next Day...

Bunting :
No primary colours allowed, so my garden won't look like a car sales yard...

I am pleased to report the following. Firstly, the bunting is under construction and my dining table is covered with colourful little triangles. And an extremely large orange machine-thingy which looks crane-like has just arrived next-door. It came with a pilot vehicle sporting an 'Oversized' notice. Maybe it removes pine trees? Holding my breath, crossing my fingers... Ooh goody...