Foliage Forests...

 The white tree trunks are Eucalypts.
The Hen House Garden

I love the foliage forests in my garden. The trees and shrubs (even the roughies and toughies) are just delightful, and of course they provide wonderful summer shade in which to garden. So many beautiful greens, so many beautiful leaves...

Sunday 20th January

Ooh! It's hot, and I've been gardening by the Hen House, rediscovering this wonderful garden area. The little paths are so beautiful (sorry, slight over-use of this adjective) as they wind this way and that underneath the gums and wattles. This is Pittosporum shrub-heaven, with many different variegated leaf-forms, all growing happily underneath the tall, imposing trees.

Thanks to my Hebes

I'm thrilled with my Hebes for being so forgiving. Many were mercilessly chopped down some months ago, but they're sprouting madly again with fresh new greenery. There's more sun, now that one of the big Wattle trees has been removed, and Hebes need sun.

My recently planted Astelias are slow to get going in here, but I'm patient. And the soil needs lots of improvement, too. That means compost, manure, general organic matter. Lots and lots.

 The start of my new garden.
The Hen House

A 'New' Garden

I've ripped out lots of scruffy Iris confusa, raking and scraping and carting armfuls of the mess over to the hedge. Super-long strips of fallen gum bark have been pulled out of the Pittosporum shrubs. I've also been clearing and digging the soil for a 'new' garden in the old chicken run, where several self-sown Hebes and grasses are already growing.

It can't have a super-stylish planting scheme, since the irrigation doesn't reach. I might leave the chicken wire in place - perhaps some rugged climbers could scramble along it, hee hee!

Gardening notes to self regarding the chicken run by the Hen House. Strong afternoon sun in mid-summer, about three hours' worth. Scruffy soil, lots of gum trees overhead. Hmm... A huge patch of red hot pokers? They'd look gorgeous...

 Red hot in the late afternoon sun!
Kniphofias - Red Hot Pokers

Monday 21st January

I've done more great foliage gardening today. The chicken run is now completely clear. What to do over here? A few more random thoughts - species Agapanthus definitely works as a rough, tough planting. And that area of poor quality scruffy grass would look so much better as a garden, with the wood-chipped path continuing through to the water tank in the next paddock.

‘Always exciting - my 'Would, Could, and Should' ideas.’
-Moosey Words of Wisdom.

But there's more! Tough roses could spread along the wire netting fence. Oooh! I love these plans. They are my current 'would, could, and should' ideas - the natural beginnings to a new garden improvement, and always exciting.

I just need to check first with Non-Gardening Partner. What width of paths would he like, for example? See how sensible I am...

 Always getting in the way!
Fluff -Fluff the Gardening Cat

Big Fluff-Fluff the cat, recovered from his health difficulties, has been 'helping' me. I am his new best-best friend, and he needs to be physically close to me at all times. So he keeps lolling right in the path of my rake, showing me his tummy. Cat-distraction (wandering over to the catmint) works briefly.

Rusty the Non-Gardening Dog?

But now Rusty is a worry - he has a stiff, sore shoulder from the weekend, and has been shuffling around the garden like an old-man dog. Perhaps he needs a vet check? He's certainly lost his passion for being a gardening dog.

Rusty the Dog :
Rusty associates the sound of the siren with his best-best friend. And, sadly, I am not that person...

And we were about to go for a gentle walk when the rural fire alarm went off. Rusty immediately gave up on the idea and slumped himself down in the driveway to wait for Non-Gardening Partner's car.

OK, so I need masses of Agapanthus, more Pittosporums, and some clumps of basic, tall Kniphofias. My dog needs to regain his gardening mojo. And I'm seriously short of money. No more buying Enid Blyton books for light reading in the cottage. And no more super-sized sushi after swimming. A serious budget. Blast...