I've been thinking...

I've been thinking. What on earth would I do if I didn't garden? And when I'm not gardening I'm thinking about gardening. What would I possibly think about? And when I'm not doing or thinking about gardening I'm writing about gardening...

 Surrounded by springtime!
The Wattle Woods Garden Bench

Tuesday 6th October

Anyway, today might be my last great Agapanthus dig, though I've thought of another place deep in the Wattle Woods where I need some tough stuff planted. And today I plant all my new red flaxes along the edge of the Hump, probably doubling up the fans for instant bulk and effect.

Agapanthus :
Oh boy - my Agapanthus mania has lasted for two weeks now...

It's lunchtime, and I'm back, and this time lots of the Agapanthus plants are smaller - this is good, as they'll transplant without flopping all over the place. I'm off to plant some clumps in the Wattle Woods, to follow the curve of the new internal path. It could be said that I am getting slightly sick of Agapanthus, and I keep noticing them everywhere as I drive through town. Aargh!

Much Later...

Well done, Moosey - all today's carload of Agapanthus are planted, and they look good! I've now planted the new garden on the fenceline by Car Bridge. I planted three of the red flax fans in a pot in the Wattle woods - it looks nice, and the colours echo the red Coprosma further along the border. I finished my day trimming the edges of the Birthday Rose Garden, where the first pale blue irises are flowering. Lots of those October weeds with bouncing seeds are growing in-between the pale blue beauties.

 The tree by the house - there are still old red apples on it as well.
Sunny Crab-Apple Blossom

My goodness - I think I'm slowly improving as its custodian. I am blessed (well, maybe not with respect to the weeds). I'll celebrate yet another successful day with half a can of beer - I'm cooking a drunken chicken with the other half. Yippee. All my Agapanthus planted! I'm getting faster, too. Another yippee.

Wednesday 7th October

Today I am staying home all day to enjoy my garden. I will weed, potter around, and have deep discussions with my dog. We will both have a brilliant day!+10

Right. I need my dog, a cup of coffee, and my gardening shoes. But do I necessarily need a plan? I know what I'm not going to do - dig up or replant any clumps of Agapanthus.

Late Afternoon...

I've had a long day doing small things, a great contrast to the mass planting I've been doing of late. I sat on the Laundry Seat and saw lots of things to do. So I weeded the path, removed a badly placed perennial Convolvulus, rebuilt the little stone wall and planted some dwarf Agapanthus, pulled out a Lavender I didn't want and planted a shrubby Salvia... All the time my eyes were down-scaling, so to speak, and I began to see small details - and small weeds - aargh! I finished the day by hand-watering the 'new' roses in the Glass-House Garden and pulling out more weeds. Two cats, Histeria and Fluff-Fluff, provided floppy cat-company.

 Always helping.
Fluff-Fluff in the Garden

I also watered my seeds. So now I know what I'm doing first tomorrow - pricking out some pansies. Also I might start some more sage cuttings. I've had a lovely relaxed day - yet I've been working for hours and hours. That's gardening for you!