Could it be summer?

Yippee! It's sunny and warm again - that makes two days in a row. Could it be summer? I usually go by the red daylilies in the perennial garden by the pergola. When they're flowering - then it's officially summer. And they are!

 If I keep putting the word summer in the titles of my photographs, perhaps the weather will take the hint!
Summer Daylily

Friday 5th January

Today I have huge plans. And if I stop to complain, even just once, that it's too hot to garden, let the bringer of weather strike me down with an Antarctic southerly! First of all I am going to check those daylilies!

Sweet Peas

Before I start ranting and listing (i.e. writing lists) I wish to make a short statement abut my Sweet Peas. They exist, though the wigwam of sticks I so thoughtfully provided is not being used. Maybe they were a dwarf variety, but anyway - whenever I pick from the vegetable garden I can smell them. Beautiful!

 Lots of different textures and colours.
Summer Pots

And I wish to record that I have fifty four weedy verbascums growing along the house-side of the water race, between Middle Bridge and the Plank. This may not ecologically be a very good thing, but they are growing throughout the islands and braids of the Waimakariri River, and that's where the water comes from. At least I have restricted them to one smallish patch. Hope the downstream neighbours aren't reading this...

Ingenious Plan for Middle Garden

Today I have an ingenious plan. Since there is a real garden outside, and an 'unreal' website garden inside, so to speak, I am going to combine both. I will clean up Middle Garden, both outside (for real) and inside (in the Moosey Garden Tour).

Middle Bridge :
Middle Bridge is much trudged over and rarely photographed.

I have seriously failed to capture the essence and life force of Middle Garden in my photographs and tour pages. So I've made a list of its features, hardly any of which get mentioned on site - particularly Middle Bridge.

And the water-side parts of the garden, the irises, the Crambe, the plantings around Duck Lawn, the paths, the huge pink rhododendron which heralds the rebirth of beautiful colours, after the drabs of winter. All I seem to twitter on about is a Magnolia Stellata, which has since died. Hmm...

 A cherry red variety.
Penstemons - Summer Perennials

So I'm going to clear up Middle Garden, and then I'll be able to update the Middle Garden Tour, won't I? Hee hee. Good plan. Here goes.