Growing greener by the hour!

 I grow these flowers from cuttings and from seed.
Magenta Wallflower

Everything in the garden is growing greener by the hour! I'm afraid to even be lazy for an afternoon in case I miss some new blossom, some sudden flowering. I am still sick of weeding, though - I'd rather be buying in new plants...

Sunday 17th October

Today we have a couple of exciting garden-fringe things to do. After checking the flow-rate in my Wattle Woods stream (I do this at least once a week) we are off to the market to buy some Benjamin Britten roses. I am allowed to be a little reckless with money, since I work so hard in my garden nearly every day.

Then we are off to a Spring Garden Tour - a series of open country gardens in nearby Darfield. I know what will happen - I will suddenly get a Gardening-Panic attack and want to rush home immediately to the Moosey garden - after buying lots of new plants - hee hee...

 Sorry about the name!
The Septic Tank Border in Spring

Early Afternoon

Very interesting! The Spring Garden Tour was - well - cold, rainy, and not quite the inspiration I was looking for! In fact we drove past a few gardens and didn't stop. We did go to the market where there was a Trillium stall - very common, my Trillium! But I bought my two Benjamin Britten roses - they are David Austin English roses - and one each of a Brandywine pink and purple tomato plant. These are so much bigger than my 3cm seedlings of the same - oh well, we'll see who has the best fruit!

 Couldn’t resist showing you this silly chook photograph!
Four Feet Under?

Those Chooks!

Then when we arrived home rooster and the hens were sheltering in my glass-house. I could have caught him! I didn't have the heart - big softie me! Anyway, there was furious squawking as he was escorted to the door, and he ran off across the grass as if his tail was on fire. Now I am waiting for the rain to ease so I can plant my new roses. That may be all I achieve today. So be it!


I've weeded in the mud for two hours (until I just got too dirty and cold). The new roses are planted, as are two Leucadendrons which have been languishing by the Stables. I've also planted a trayful of ruby pansies along the back lawn fence. There is a cherry coloured scrambler rose draped over the top of this fence - imagine how colour co-ordinated things will look!

I shifted a hosta out to the stone edge, and pulled out (oops) rather a lot of raspberry shoots. There obviously will be an on-going problem eradicating the raspberry canes - I knew that, though! For a rainy day today has been lots of fun...

 The beginning of the blue-ness in the Moosey garden.
The First Blue Iris

Tuesday 19th October

Now the October month is racing away on me - I'm trying hard to keep up! I can only garden this morning - what to do? Burn some rubbish? Wait until the air temperature warms up a bit? Burn some rubbish to warm up? Connections, connections... Rooster is staring through the glass, crowing, balanced on one leg. I 'caught' him raiding the cat food. Aargh! Another Moosey pet addicted to the salt content of dried cat-food!


In the garden there is a lot of pinkness - a bit of a Pink Festival going on - as more (pink!) rhododendrons start to flower, and the deeper pink blossom trees join in. Isn't Crab Apple tree blossom gorgeous! Must make mental note to self - after the yellowness of the daffodils all this rosy pink is lovely.

I guess the next big thing will be blueness, as the irises start flowering. Thus a beautiful colour wave is slowly creeping through the Moosey garden...


So what did I do in my garden this morning? I weeded. Humph...

Wednesday 20th October

And what am I going to do in my garden this morning? I will be weeding. This is turning into a weeding diary. Deep and meaningful discussions about weeding are not very interesting. I will have to buy a huge load of new plants so that I have something else to write about...

A Brief Wildlife Report

1. It isn't a peacock in the Hump garden - it is a large brown pheasant.
I suppose that pheasants can visit - but can they be e.g. pets? I met the pheasant this morning using the driveway as a runway for take-off, shrieking wildly.
2. The young chicken has still not declared its gender.
Cross fingers it's a female!
3. The frog chorus continues every night.
Sounds now as if there are huge numbers of them. They are still not resonantly croaking, though - perhaps they are small frogs? Frog-resonance improves with age?
4. The new puppy is coming around Christmas time.
Plus a new kitten. The gentle equilibrium of the Moosey house pets will be destroyed!