The revenge of the marrows...

This is the week where my courgettes (or are they zucchinis?) get their revenge and turn overnight into obese wallowing marrows. My vegetable gardening esteem is at its lowest ebb.

Marrow Madness

Saturday February 7th

How come after one week's absence from the house gardens (because I have been SO busy weeding in the Hazelnut orchard) I return to find weeds as high as my waist and rose rootstock suckers reaching higher than the rose itself? I'm talking about the vegetable garden extension (I can't possibly call it a potager any more) and I am not happy!

Then I peeped into the vege garden itself - that was a mistake. All of the tomatoes are still green. In between the lettuce trees there are a few large shiny marrows, resting voluptuously on the dirt. My gourmet carrot row is hidden under a forest of self sown purple potatoes, forgotten. It's just not fair - why is it all so hopeless? What is to blame - the situation? irrigation? the gardener?

Sunday February 8th

It's a rather crisp morning, considering it's summer, - and I am about to do battle with more waist-high weeds (which are dangerously near to setting seed) in the vegetable garden. I am going to leave one of the marrows to see how big it gets, but deal to everything else. I will check the tomato stakes and pinch some laterals and clear out the purple potatoes (they look fantastic and taste like flour balls). Will I find any parsnips? Ha! That's a laugh...

 Lots of fresh air and space to breathe.
A Rose in the Pink...

Then I will blaze into the Hazelnut Orchard...


None of the above got done. We went to the dump instead with the trailer full of rubbish collected from behind the garage. We are back home and it is raining. My original plan is in tatters. We stopped at a neighbour's stall to buy some fresh produce - eek! - they were selling bags of middle-sized marrows!

Afternoon Tea...

Because it was wet I decided to spread horse-poos and wood chips on the Willow Tree Garden, instead of kneeling to weed Hazelnut trees and getting muddy. I moved nicotiana seedlings from the middle of the path and dead-headed the waterside roses (why do they grow so well here? Not a rust pustule or a black-spot in sight). I got muddy anyway, but the good health of these roses balances out my hopelessness at vegetables.

Monday 9th February

As a semi-retired person, I ought to be able to garden in a meaningful way on a Monday morning. So why have I been putting it off? - It's already nearly 10 am, the sun is shining, a gentle cooling breeze is blowing... This just isn't good enough.

Hazel Trees :
Slowly, slowly, the Hazelnut trees are growing.

It's one and a half hours later and I've been gently weeding around the house, picking gum leaves out of the pots and cutting back things like catmint and euphorbias. The growth in these house gardens is phenomenal. I will do my compulsory Hazelnut hour later this afternoon (I am going off for a bike ride, hee hee).

Tuesday 10th February

I am putting off the Hazelnut weeding session - suddenly finding important things to do like vacuum the house - honestly! It's time to stop the talk and just do the business. I successfully gave away four marrows this morning - I dread to look into the vegetable garden and see how many more are in there, languishing amongst the weeds. I will be back soon.

A Short Time Later...

I weeded eight trees. It took me over an hour. O well, better than nothing. I feel a bit guilty though.

Friday 13th February

Sorry about the lack of diary. I have had to take a little time off from the garden because I have been a little sick - nothing serious, though I've been spending a bit of time sulking in bed. Today - progress! I have been sitting on the decking, and looking outside, and just enjoying the ambience. Now I am inside being lazy - resting up and watching the cricket on TV. Tomorrow I promise I will be back to my lunatic gardening self.

It doesn't hurt to take things easy once in a while. The hazelnuts will keep. The marrows will continue to grow.