Cat & Dog Life

 A cat with big saucer eyes.
Stumpy the Lizard-Catching Cat

A month in the life of a Moosey animal is exciting and action packed. What did they all get up to this March?

Lizard Lunch?

For Stumpy the cat it's the month of the lizard. She catches and brings small lizards into the house, howls like a banshee, then lets the poor creature wriggle under a nearby pair of shoes.

Unless there is merciful human intervention, the cat spends the next hours sniffing, howling, and batting the shoes with a sharp-clawed paw. I have a very good rescue system in operation, which so far has a hundred percent success rate.

Mugsy the Plum-Eating Cat

Cat Problems

Mugsy has been banished (gently) for having an accident on the bedspread, and my expensive spray can of cat repellent which I bought from the vet last visit has come in handy. So far, so good.

It's the season of harvest, too - particularly for plums and tomatoes, and many of these get covered with suspiciously small sets of teeth marks. Does anyone else have a cat who will actually eat a tomato or a whole Black Doris plum? This must surely be the sharpest, tartest tasting plum there is...

I might have saved the best Moosey cat for last - of course that's the champagne grey tabby called Jerome. She offers by far the best cat company in March, and has shown superior cat intelligence by working out my gardening routine.

 Jerome always wins my cat competitions.
Jerome the Companionable Cat

She finds me in some secluded garden spot by the noise of my cricket radio. If I leave it there and potter off to another place, she simply curls up next to the crackling radio and waits for my return. If, however, I wander off with the radio, she comes too. Pretty smart for an old grey female!

 Dear old dog.
Taj-Dog resting

Taj-dog is in a slow decline. Dear old dog. Will he last through another winter? I should take lots of photos while I can. Then there's the possibility of a new puppy (which Taj-dog doesn't know about as yet...)

Don't Forget the Sheep

I mustn't forget the sheep, still munching down the front paddock. They are fat, but the grass is running out - they'll be going on a short walk' any day now to a friend's paddock.

It's fun taking them down the road - the driving is done mainly with slow cars (the advance foot patrol shuts all the neighbouring gates). George the ex-pet lamb is often the slowest, as he is quite tame and nosy. Imagine his sheep thoughts - 'Whats up?' - 'Where're we going, girls?' - 'Where's the new grass?' - 'Stay together girls' - 'Oops - wait for me'

 Taking it easy under the gum tree.
The Sheep

The last (and sadly the least) is the duck, who has gone AWOL. She'll probably be back in October, when the duck shooting season officially starts. Who says ducks have no brains?