Wobbly Garden Bench

A wobbly garden bench sits in the Stumpy Garden facing away from the water race. It's set at the perfect angle for enjoying the mass plantings of nearby spring daffodils, and the roses and lupins which soon follow. But do I ever sit on it? Hmm...

 With Fluff-Fluff the cat testing out its stability.
Wobbly Stumpy Garden Bench

The bench used to be surrounded by Iris confusa, which are in flower in this photograph. The wobbliness of the bench only really affects gardening people - gardening cats like Fluff-Fluff are much more well-balanced!

 The Iris confusa is in full flower.
Wobbly Garden Bench - Spring 2010

In the last year I have personally sat on this bench once - just once! However it is very handy for putting my garden tools on, so they don't get lost or (shock, horror) left in the grass for the lawn mower to run over.