Wilderness Behind the Pond

I'm slowly clearing the area behind the pond, which I've romantically called The Wilderness. My plan is to have a natural place, with few organised paths - just trees and shrubs.

 Looking up from the pond.
The Wilderness

This is definitely a work in slow progress. First I have to rake out all the gum tree debris (fifteen years' worth) and see what trees and shrubs are actually in here! So far I've found a Chestnut tree, an Oak tree, Olearias and Pittosporums, and lots of tiny gum tree seedlings and broom. I'm getting really good with my pruning saw - and I can balance a goodly load of mess on the wheelbarrow.

 Standing in the ram paddock.
The Side of the Wilderness

These first pictures of The Wilderness might look featureless, but hey! A garden has to start somewhere!

Back in Garden Time...

Here's a record of my very first foray into the area at the back of the pond - a small path through the grass, cleared in the year 2000.

 my first attempt at a hidden path
wild and wandering path

'The area has suffered from neglect, so lately I have been seriously clearing the grass and gum tree rubbish out. This is a new garden area for me to develop.' - written in 2000. Ha! Better late than never...