Viburnum Tinus

There were many Viburnum Tinus shrubs here in the garden when I arrived - or rather they were dotted around in some of the lawn areas. I moved them into the garden proper as quickly as possible, then stood back and watched them grow.

 So pretty in winter.
Viburnum Tinus

This variety of Viburnum is perfect for filling in garden spaces - providing screening and shelter from prevailing winds. I can prune them drastically at all times of the year without any sign of serious injury - to the shrub or to the gardener in question!

White Winter Flowers

The flowering time for Viburnum Tinus in my garden starts in March or April, which is almost the beginning of winter. The bushes are then covered with tight white flowers, with a pinkish tinge. After flowering the shrub produces small bluish berries.

 Viburnum tinus
Winter Flowering Viburnum

There are always new shoots which run and take root from the base of the plant - perfect for creating new specimens, but not too difficult to rip out in a pruning frenzy. This Viburnum is what I'd call a work-horse shrub in my garden - unspectacular, strong, sturdy, easily ignored, but much needed and admired.

A word of caution. Some years there's a bug - possibly a thrip - which eats the leaves, and then, in their weakened state, they get covered by a sooty fungus. It's most unpleasant looking, and needs spraying, but I'm never quite quick enough. I usually cut down the offending branches.