Leucadendron Safari Sunset

Garden colour in the middle of winter should be cherished! The Leucadendron 'Safari Sunset' is a truly beautiful winter shrub with its warm red bracts.

 This is the only Leucadendron I grow in the Moosey garden.
Leucadendron Safari Sunset in Winter

I feel very, very guilty about this Leucadendron. At other more colourful times of the year I get quite annoyed with it - in fact last summer it almost got the chop! What was I thinking? I can't believe I was so short-sighted...

Safari Sunset has been growing strongly in the relative shade of the Stables - by the Stables Seat - for at least five years now. I suspect our frosts might trouble it in a more exposed garden border.

There are many beautiful hybrid Leucadendrons, all with different coloured flower bracts. We saw a beautiful garden display of different colours and sizes at the Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens in the mountains west of Sydney. They are originally South African shrubs.