Hebe Geometry

I love the geometric symmetry of this small-leafed blue-green hebe. The leaves are like a series of reflections coming up the stem. They are a subtle colour, and the shrub has small white flowers.

 The blue-green leaves of a Hebe Pingufolia.
Geometric Patterns on a Hebe

The hebe is busy growing by the edge of Duck Lawn. I've never trimmed it, and have no real idea how big or how scruffy it will get. It has a very tidy blobby shape.

After taking this photograph I got quite excited about mathematical patterns in the garden - spending hours photographing leaves of trees, and so on. Click on the following link if you want to read more about garden mathematics...

Hebe Pinguifolia?

Another of these blue-green hebes grows by the path through Middle Border. It behaves itself in all weathers and so far hasn't outgrown its space in the garden. I'm sorry that I'm not totally sure of its name, but I'm calling it Hebe Pinguifolia.

 This hebe has delicate white flowers at the ends of its wee branches.
Hebe Pinguifolia

For me this hebe is quite slow growing - this suits my silly habit of planting things far too close to paths! Oops...