Flax (Phormium) Yellow Wave

Yellow Wave is one of the cheeriest New Zealand flax (Phormium) hybrids. It is reasonably large and bulky, and has a weeping form. In this first photograph it looks more like a Green Wave - the leaves are much more yellow in summer.

 A close-up of the flax leaves.
New Zealand Phormium Yellow Wave

Each leaf has a different pattern of green and yellow stripes. Just occasionally parts of the flax will revert to plain green. Then it's time for a short, sharp kitchen knife! Ouch!

 The hybrid called Yellow Wave.
Striped Phormium Yellow Wave

Fortunately at one giant Easter nursery sale I spied about ten pots of undersized Yellow Waves. Of course I bought them all, and thinking they were a small flax planted them in all sorts of silly places. For example, one was planted right on the edge of the tiniest path in the Moosey garden. Very foolish...

Flaxes and Roses

New Zealand flaxes deserve beautiful companions, and I am very fond of growing them with roses in the garden. Many start life in pots and then go into proper garden locations. And one or two have been in the same pot for far too many years to mention, without even a change of potting mix. Oops!

 Sitting on his favourite fence-post.
Percy Cat and Yellow Wave Phormium

For some unknown reason, my London-based webmaster son is rather rude about Yellow Wave flaxes. I wonder if they remind him of the yellow waves of sunshine that London misses out on?