I will not mooch or get bored...

I am on holiday!!! I will make every minute of my holidays count. I will not mooch or get bored. I will write up my diary and not lose my cricket radio. I will not get distressed when we lose the cricket. I will even tidy the glass-house...

Tuesday 15th December

I didn't tidy the glass-house - it was too hot to be in there. I spent the day doing edges and tidying up borders.

Friday 18th December

Haven't done much in the garden, except weeding and reading garden books and thinking new plans. The JAM Garden is big and shapeless - it needs some post structures or maybe another path.

 Stones, small red flax, carex and renga renga.
Wattle Woods Paths

Saturday 19th December

Weeded and did edges today. Then I decided to make a very narrow winding path through the JAM Garden to the glass-house. It will wind around the Cotinus and squeeze past the Miscanthus and duck through the rugosas. It will work.

Sunday 20th December

Got up quite early today and did the path. I pinched logs from the wood shed for the edges. Stephen noticed and muttered about our stock of firewood, so have promised to replace with stones.

Monday 21st December

Worked hard putting stones on path edges and putting logs back in wood shed. Took ages.

 Merry Christmas!
Our Christmas Tree

Wednesday 23rd December

All I did today was to sit on the big cushion with book and follow the shade around the BIG GUM lawn. This is OK though, as busy gardeners must spend time gazing at things and enjoying ambience.

Christmas Day Friday 25th December

This is our Christmas tree - you can see that it isn't inside with Christmas decorations on, like it was last year. This is because it is a bit big to carry inside. We are having a Christmas where everyone just buys one present for themselves, then wraps it up and everyone else writes on the card. The trick is to be terribly serious and to thank everyone else for such a lovely gift when you unwrap it. We will probably spend the day eating lovely vegetarian food. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday 29th December

My initial euphoria at being on holiday has tailed off - it's time for some serious organising. There are lists to be drawn up, and items ticked off, so that days are put to maximum use.

Today's Gardening List

My cricket radio has survived another month of garden abuse. It has been wet and then been dried in the sun. It has been mislaid. It has lost the plastic bit which covers the batteries which now fall out and also get lost. And we lost the cricket anyway!