The Apres-Gardening rule?

 A few brave blooms of the rose Yesterday.
Rose Colour

I have a beautiful new Apres-Gardening merino top - duck-egg blue, with a scoopy collar, a fancy design, absolutely gorgeous. But in order to wear apres-gardening clothes one should have gone gardening first, right? Right?

Wrong. Because it's raining, gently but steadily - has been since yesterday, early evening. So I've decided to stay inside and cheat. I've put on my duck-egg blue creation, and I think I look jolly nice! Duck-egg blue (like the colour lilac) seems to complement (ahem) mature skin and soften the age-weary face.

So far it's been a day of watching the rain and feeding the animals. First Speckles the stray, who tried to barge rudely into the cottage door and ran into my foot, ready to scoop him back outside. Then the dogs, after their first wet walk, and the birds on the house patio (a new lard ball, plus apples, pineapple, and kiwi-fruit). Buster has scoffed some steak-and-kidney and is now curled up in a tight ball on a chair. She looks more like a fluffy black cushion than a snoozing cat. Oops...

 Trying to get closer to the bird feeders...
Fred Climbing Up The Wisteria

One Fred has just arrived, soaking wet, and is now on the dog-couch in front of the log-burner. The other Fred is already asleep on the cat-couch. Oh yes! Neither of us minds the rain, but we looooove to be warm, with full tummies.

Have promised the dogs we will walk every half-hour - there's no wind, so I can carry my umbrella. Will put on my new, sleek black Goretex jacket (a wonderful ten dollar bargain from the Op Shop), take the dogs for their next walk, and maybe take some photographs.

I've decided that winter rather suits my gardening style - if it can be called style, hee hee. The Phormiums look gorgeous, and there's so much green texture to enjoy. The lack of flower colour doesn't seem to matter at all. And the little splashes of pink from the odd shrub and rose are rather a delight.

 By Willow Bridge.
Winter Flowering Hebe