Animals at the vet...

I have dog news. Winnie has been back to her vet for an X-ray. It is as we thought. She's booked in for cruciate ligament surgery on her other leg (one leg was fixed up last year during lockdown). This coming Monday is THE day. Just as well that dogs only have two back legs, I reckon!

 A very fluffy Border Collie!
Winnie the Dog

The partial tear makes her stiff and limpy after snoozing, and it has to fixed - the sooner the better. So she'll be in a crate for - three months? Dear dog. Deja vu.

Cat news...

And cat news. Poor Black Fred! He's just spent the day at his vet, and has come home all patched up, wearing a cute cat-collar. A wee while ago ago I noticed a wound on his tummy - thought it was an abscess that had 'popped'. Thought he and brother Red Fred has been fighting again. Not so, as it turns out.

 Poor cat!
Black Fred

Things didn't seem to be healing, so I took him to the vet to be checked over. Oh dear! There were other nasty wounds on his tummy, hidden by his fur, all inflicted (the vet thinks) by a dog or a very large possum. Oops. But he seems OK, and with antibiotics and pain relief he can look forward to a quiet indoors life while everything heals. Poor chap. I had no idea he'd got himself into such trouble.

 Cute, yes?
Fred in His Cat Collar

Yeay for our vets, I say! Huge thanks to all the vets our there who help us look after our domestic cats and dogs. You are wonderful.