Need a plan?

What's today's plan? Does today even need a plan? It's sunny again, after overnight rain. I could write a list, but that would be awfully controlled for such a beautiful day. I feel like doing something 'atmospheric' - like standing in the water race, and weeding the banks.

Three hours later...

I've been multi-tasking : I've been feeding the bonfire, which has been grumbling and gurgling a bit. I've also trimmed the edges of the wee garden behind the Stables (where the bamboo which was supposed to be non-invasive grows, oops). Almost all the dry hedge trimmings have now been burnt. And I have been in the water. And...

 The water race.

I love, love, LOVE my tall gumboots. They cost me one dollar. They are tall enough for me to stand in the shallower stretches of the water race. And they don't leak. The alternatives would be :

  1. Very cold feet.
  2. 10 minutes of wriggling and hopping about to put wading suit on.

Am very pleased. This dollar has been well spent!

Hello bellbird!

While I was slicing out unwanted grasses a bellbird 'tsk-tsk'ed at me nearby, drinking nectar from the waterside Phormium flowers. 'Bird!' I shouted. 'It's meeeeeee'. 'I know that' he replied, and hopped onto a new flower branch. One of those-wish-I-had-camera moments. He was not bothered at all by my flashing spade. It was, however, a different story when one of the Fred cats ambled up to check out the noise.

 I used to be able to walk over the Plank. Not any more... too old and wobbly!
The Plank and Acorus Grasses

Just having a cup of tea, then I'll do a wee bit more water race clearing - saw some grasses growing in the Acorus by The Plank, near the moss rose William Lobb. See something that needs doing? Just go back outside and do it! That's today's motto!

 Short-lived perennials.
The Lupins in Flower

Two hours later still...

Done. Lots of grassy weeds pulled out, Fred curled up in a tabby ball right by the water's edge, keeping me company while I lobbed clumps of watery weeds over him onto Willow Bridge. Love gardening with a snoozing cat - very, very restful. Small injury from the cutty grass which sliced superficially over my finger. Ouch!

Saturday 16th November

Today the wind is nasty-noisy, howling around the tops of the trees - not a pleasant garden atmosphere. I've done some very mundane gardening. Weeded for a couple of hours in the Welcome Garden - so many grass seeds, and some nasty creeping grass which I'll need to chemically remove. Was in the shade, crawling around. Decidation?

Got cross, though - reckon all these weeds blow in from the neighbour's messy weedy paddock. Hands got very sore from grabbing and pulling weeds.

Removed self from this negative place, watered the patches of new lawn, and planted the last of the potatoes and two tomatoes (Yellow Pear, Indigo Apple) near the hazel obelisk. Yeay! My beans have germinated! So has my hazel obelisk - oops! All the pieces of hazel are sprouting at the top. Oh well. Another tomato is in a pot on the patio (Sunkist). I've also planted some more flowering annuals in the patio garden.

 The Lupins are flowering.
The Dog-Path Garden by the Water

And still the wind roars and blusters, and the lupins sway back and forth. Please stay upright, you beautiful flowers!