No snow, please!

 In a patio pot.
Winter Red Polyanthus

Aargh! One degree! But no snow, please. I'll settle for cold, dull winter rain any day. Not that I mind a bit of bad weather. Anyway, there's 'no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.' To quote John Ruskin.

But I don't agree with him that snow is 'exhilarating'. Snow is a wet nuisance, and wrecks my garden. It doesn't suit my evergreen native shrubs one bit, so their branches crack and break. Any Phormium that isn't sensibly fountain-shaped falls over. And if there's more than a light dusting, then the large evergreen trees (mainly pines and Eucalypts) get in on the act. Days of chain-sawing are needed to clean up the mess!

Friday 19th June

Later today we are driving inland for a small weekend holiday near the mountains. We were going to go hiking, biking, and maybe climb a hill or two. But not if there is snow. I've hiked in snow, taking the whole morning to get somewhere that should have taken less than an hour. But it's such hard work for my dodgy knees, never mind those slurpy sprinklings down my neck from the overhanging beech trees. Aargh! Also, I've never ski-ed, and I don't like snowballs. I get really sulky if anyone throws one at me. What a kill-joy!

But enough of this snow-blither. None fell here, and my toasty warm house is full of contended cats and dogs. On the patio a squillion birdies are scrambling all over their lard ball and plate of banana, apple and pineapple. I wonder how they'd stay alive without being fed thus, when the weather gets cold.

Lilli-Puss :
Come back soon, Lilli...

And I've been wondering about my missing cat, Lilli-Puss. I've done some checking back in my old journals, and I note that in the spring of 2010 she went AWOL for three whole weeks. And then one day she sprung back into life, reappearing as if nothing was wrong. So I must keep on looking for her and visiting her cat lounge in the hay barn. In fact, I need to lay some dried food out, just in case...

Bye for a few days...