Tidying the Herb Spiral

I've promised my Herb Spiral an autumn tidy-up. The plants (not necessarily herbs) are so overgrown that the bricks have disappeared, and there are lots of dandelions in the circular path. This is not a spiritual look at all.

 These grow all around the spiral.
Calendula Flower

I suspect the mint has escaped from its pot, and tiny pieces of Bowles Golden grass have self-seeded everywhere. Why haven't I gathered them up and put them in a pot? Such a little task, and so easy to remember when I'm writing...

A Serene Feature?

My Herb Spiral is supposed to be a serene feature in my garden. Apart from being virtually invisible, it has even turned into a half-herb half-flower-and-shrub spiral. I love the herbs that I do grow, but there was just space for other flowery things.

And silly, silly me, seduced by the sweetest little shrublet on the sale table, a Spiraea. I thought it would love to grow in one of the side brick compartments. And, as the night follows the day, so it has loved to grow - and grow - and grow. Hmm...

Here's another silliness. Impatient for some instant drapery I planted not one, not two, but three trailing Rosemaries in the very top bit. And trail they do, down over everything else, with such a pretty pale blue flower in late autumn-winter. I could have sensibly planted one. But then it probably would have sulked.

 With everything trimmed back.
Herb Spiral in Late Autumn

It's now late in the afternoon, and I can proudly report that this has been the easiest tidy-up I can remember. For as soon as I trimmed back the Thyme and golden Marjoram, the bricks, and therefore the whole shape and design, were obvious. I took the pot of mint over to the boundary where its roots can run riot. I trimmed the Oreganum and the Monarda. Ha! Herb proof! I left most of the pretty orange Calendulas - they are fairly 'herby'.


Then I planted a recycled Iceberg rose further along, and dug out lots of creepy grass from the surrounding garden, roots and all. A poke and a prod, a swish and a wish - hey presto! Done. One 'Herb' Spiral ready to be admired in all its late autumn glory. Well, at least it's visible...