Don't worry - be happy!

 Such a pretty face!
Tiddles the New Kitten

The two new kittens, Tiddles the tabby and Buster the black, have 'made it' successfully into the relatively big world of a) my house and b) the back lawn and garden. But it's been an interesting week of self-discovery.

You see, I've been rather worried about their happiness at Mooseys - far too much, as it turns out. It was an old-lady type of worry, like worrying about driving a new traffic layout in the rush-hour. I suspect it was partly the lack of kitten-purring, and partly - yes, me being an old lady! I was unsure about introducing them to my real world, imagining cat fights, kitten fright - perhaps they would even run away. And what about the dogs?

After one rather fretful night I woke up with ginger Percy on my bed. I needed help, so I asked him what he thought I should do, he being an ex-wild kitten himself, and all that. I'm so glad I did.

Thank You, Percy...

He smooched my nose and told me I was a really nice person in the eyes of all the cats and kittens in the entire universe. I was to have more confidence in myself. I needed to trust the new kittens and to let them explore. No cat wanted to be stuck in a bedroom away from the action. And he thought 'Tiddles' and 'Buster' were really nice cat-names. Thank you, Percy.

 So thoughtful...
Buster the New Kitten

No Problem!

What about the dogs? No problem, said Percy. Big cats? Ditto. He cited himself as the 'purrfect' example. Percy is one of the most benign, mellow, large cats I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. And the puppy? Oh, her. She's just a black and white nuisance, said Percy, and pretty insignificant, really.

So I took his advice, and it's worked. The kittens go back into their room over-night, but the daytimes for them are free-range. Tiddles the tabby has been running around leaping for joy, and she even plays with Winnie the puppy. Buster the black kitten is a more circumspect explorer, and likes to sit on my lap to watch the cricket on TV.

Already the kittens are showing quite different personalities. Buster is thoughtful, less of a risk-taker and more of a watcher, and he loves a cuddle. Tiddles is a sporty, chirpy kitten, always on the go. She's fearless, and will happily sniff noses with anything else she meets that is furry. By the way, she's a polydactyl cat with five toes on her hind paws.

 Amazingly fragrant.
Sharifa Asma Roses

Today we had our first photography shoot in the garden, with big Fluff-Fluff and the dogs in attendance. And the kittens 'did' some gardening. In other words, they played around the Herb Spiral while I weeded and planted annuals. This was much more restful than puppy-gardening, where Winnie digs holes in freshly planted soil. Aargh! I've just found and replanted some lumps of Echinacea jettisoned from their spot by the water race. Thank you, Winnie the puppy.

 Looking much more like a dog!
Winnie the Puppy

Actually, it's nice to be back writing again. I don't write so much when I'm worrying. Silly, but probably quite sensible, particularly as old ladies tend to worry about nothing. Oops...

How About the Garden?

Now how about the garden? Lychnis is the plant of the week, and huge swathes are flowering in many of the house gardens. I've got white, magenta, and all shades of pinks in-between. The last days have been rainy and rather cold for summer, and many of the shrub roses are looking a little bedraggled. I haven't really been inclined to garden much, either. A worried new-kitten owner tends to mooch around a bit.

 A strong basic blue.
Delphiniums in the Summer Garden

Oh, before I forget, the basic blue Delphiniums are now flowering. Such a stunning colour, and mine have self-seeded rather nicely. So much to be thankful for. Settled cats, two happy new kittens, a delightful puppy and a well-behaved and loving dog, pretty flowers... Don't worry, be happy!