No panicking!

 Flowering now.
Tree Peony

I have another new gardening policy. Panicking (too much to do, days are flying by, not enough gardening time etc.) is banned. So this morning I am taking myself off on a local country garden tour. Yes, I can spare the time. There is no rush. Everything will fit...

Sunday 30th October

I love my garden more than ever when the lawns are mowed. This morning I sat in Pond Cottage and enjoyed the views. I have at least four bellbirds above the pond, plus a charmer up there in some tree who every morning tells me 'Very good! Very good!' I like that bird!

My new gnomes look happy, and I can just see the Apple Tree's transplanted rhododendron from the window (it's a delicate pink-lilac colour). And I am happy.

 Look at those lovely lawns!
Pond Cottage by the Blossom
'I like my new 'no panic' policy. I get to do fun things.'
-Moosey Words of Wisdom.

Now I am off by myself to wander around 'new fledgling gardens, edible gardens, and majestically landscaped gardens.' Yippee! I like my new 'no panic' policy. I get to do fun things as well as weeding, raking, etc. And in the weekend, hee hee, when I usually try to work throughout every possible hour. Right. Off to see some inspiring gardens.

So Much Later, Back from the Garden Tour

Me first. I've done some wonderful garden work (if I say so myself), even if my progress around the garden seems slow. I've weeded and done edges all around the circular lawn by the garage. I've rescued the tiny little maroon Phormium by Willow Bridge, potted it in pieces, and replanted tougher Daylilies in the space.

 My big grey cat.

My day has been modular - dump a barrow of weeds on the fence-line compost, pick up a barrow of dried Pseudopanax branches for the bonfire. And I've been raking up the lawn clippings and carting them off, too.

Dear Lilli-Puss was the gardening companion cat for much of the afternoon. And then little Minimus came to investigate the bonfire, while I flopped onto the nearby grass and sank into a stupor. NGP poked at the bonfire with the rake to tidy up the edges. Such an amazing way to relax after five hours hard work. Self-affirmation, too, close to the earth (and person, and cat) that I love so much.

Rust, black spot and aphids beware. I've sprayed three knapsacks on the roses. And I am distressed with the clover weeds underneath my archway climbing roses, but in the spirit of journal positivity I'll say no more. I'm thinking of spraying them, too, which is positively naughty.

And I so want to write down all my thoughts about the garden tour as well, but there's been no time. Inspired? Yes, by a 76 year old managing a beef farm and a country garden on her own, and totally cheerful with it. And meeting my energetic Facebook friend who has a groovy, natural garden, with some new borders the shape of giant jelly beans dug into the next paddock.

 Not me!
This Dog Loves Bread

Monday 31st October

Right. I am ready to do another wonderful day's gardening. It's warm and sunny, so I'll need to make for the shade by the water race. Perhaps it's early summer? Ooooo - nice! Irises and roses time.

My dog is a disgrace. When I am gardening I am sooooooo boring, and he can hardly be bothered to follow me around. But when I am eating bread (like now), or toast, I am the most interesting woman-person in the whole world. Stare and drool, Rusty the dog, it makes me feel really valued...

Four Hot Hours Later...

I've been working my way along the water race gardens, starting with the Stumpy (AKA Willow Tree) Garden by the rhododendrons (which are very beautiful, I must say). I've been spreading horse manure, weeding, and mulching, and doing edges. The tree peony is flowering, and the Willow stump is very sprouty and green (I hope NGP is still planning to build my summer tree house here).

 The perfect place for a tree house.
Willow Stump and Rhododendrons

I've got past the Dog-Path Garden's brick courtyard, which looks quite different now that the Copper Beech tree has leaves. It's a warm, yet mysterious look, with the pathside deciduous Azaleas flowering. Again silly Lilli-Puss has been following me, while Rusty has been snoozing, ignoring me (as I am breadless).

It's been a super warm day - almost too hot to garden, hee hee. And that does mean summer. I will need to get out my cotton gardening shirt, in time for November. That's tomorrow! Yippee!