Mid-summer? Humph...

Mid-summer? Humph. Mid-summer and wood fires in the log burner, extra blankets on the bed? Another humph. One weather forecast says it will be 'dull and drizzly'. A third humph...

 Those cheery flower carpet roses should cheer me up...
Driveway Roses

Monday 18th January

After swimming today I need a plan, because, like the weather, I'm feeling a bit dull. I'd love to be spending money on plants (not allowed). Or maybe I could get Non-Gardening Partner to help me spread mulch (not likely).

Perhaps dull deserves dull, and I could finish digging around the edge of the Frisbee Lawn and drag the piles of rubbish out over to my designated rubbish area. A hard working Head Gardener can't always be cheerfully chirping with a head full of bird seed. Sometimes there's the mundane mood, and other times some basic mindless mooching. The garden is still out there, its borders sneakily whispering 'Weed me. Go on - weed me'.

OK. I will do the following:

  1. Weed underneath the orchard roses.
  2. Shift the white wire seat.
  3. Dead-head for an hour.

I'll take my cricket radio and Minimus my little grey cat, who is almost celebrating one year at Mooseys - I found her up a tree in January a year ago. I will not grump and mooch - of if I do I will keep it to myself. I will be petulant in private.

 My two helpers are carrying the new seat behind the pond.
Nearly There!

Tuesday 19th January

Today I'm clearing around the pond. There was (were?) debris all over the path when I took the last visitors around, and this was not a good look.

Shift That Seat

The white wire seat is being shifted into this garden today, with much celebration - hopefully I've finally got the spot right. I'll put the hoses on and generally have a big rake and clean-up session.

And I have to trim the Daphne by the Laundry stone steps. I did it in spring - as soon as it had flowered - so in appreciation it's grown at least a foot and is again completely covering the path surface. My visiting Garden Club ladies will trip over, and that definitely won't do.

So the tone of my gardening day is 'Keep the Visitors on their Feet'...

Much Later...

The new white wire seat is safely ensconced in the trees behind the pond. It's a rather secret place, and I'll be building a small path to lead any wandering women (or men) to it. The pond paths are cleared, the garden weeded, and I've even done a barrowful of dead-heading.

 Leafy and secluded...
Pond View from My New Seat

I love the seat's position - it's a cheery spot, secluded, but near to the pond and the family of garden gnomes. I've trimmed Pittosporums so the seat-sitter gets a proper view of the pond paddock and beyond.

 Each has a different flower form.
Four Orchard Roses

So tomorrow I must remember to weed underneath the orchard roses. And keep them trimmed, in case any of the visiting Garden Club ladies go out into the orchard to investigate. All loose thorny canes need to be tied in - or removed.