The Moosey garden is snowless, quickly back in normal winter mode after the short snow storm. Garden! Pay attention! Did you hear what I just said? I have snowless plans...

 Tiger the cat being nosy.
Tortoiseshell Snow Cat

Monday 9th June - Happy Birthday to Younger Moosey Son

Birthday hugs, and remember - it's better to be described as 'younger' than 'less old'!

More winter dreaming - I'm rethinking the possibility of building a habitable garden shed by the pond. I've found a rather trendy kitset, local company, for the cutest little shed named 'Park Ranger' (hee hee). It has steps up to a balcony (important for the armchair), insulation in the roof and walls, and room for a bed.

 My blue bee mug.
Gardener's Mug

Why? Why? Why?

Non-Gardening Partner is desperately avoiding me. Why do I want a shed? he asks. Why? He seems genuinely puzzled, and, trouble is, it's quite difficult to answer intelligently.

It's a bit like asking why I need him to build another garden seat - I mean, there's only one of me, isn't there? I bet he wishes he hadn't built the new Willow Bridge so quickly...

Just to give the white stuff a little more time to thaw, I'm off to the gym. Then I'll pick up some horse manure. Upon my arrival back home there will hardly be any snow left, and shifting shrubs around should be easy.

If Father Nature (snow is definitely manly) requires any more thawing time I'm happy to take Rusty the dog to the river. I need more stones for my path edges. I always need more stones...


After three sunny hours the Shrubbery has three more flaxes, more edging plantings (Renga Renga and Bergenias), and the lower path goes further into the Pittosporums. The upper path leads straight to the fence, and I'd like a stile put in place, as a feature. It's all very well to high-kick over the sheep netting in the mornings, but the gardening legs get weary (and lower) after lunchtime.

 The path goes in... and on...
Into the Shrubbery

NGP is very wary of my 'garden shed' enthusiasm, so it should be easy to get a wooden stile out of him - obviously it's the lesser by far of the two construction projects. My main justification for a garden shed is that I want something small to cram myself into, and this isn't quite being taken seriously enough. Gardeners who are visual artists don't have this problem - they just call it a studio, even if their garden shed turns out to be too damp and gloomy to paint in.

By the way, there's still snow in shaded garden places, but it's been a balmy, warm day. Nice work, Parent and/or Caregiver Nature!

Tuesday 10th June

This morning, on my journey with three cats and a dog to feed the hens, I noticed that all the snow has finally thawed. So what shall I do in the garden today? Let me rephrase that - in lieu of purchasing a garden shed, what shall I buy for the garden today?

The answer is sung to the last seven (approximately) bars of that well-known Christmas song - 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'. Performance directions are included.

Fiiiive whippppcorrrd Heeebeeeeeees...(take breath, then accelerando poco a poco)
Four green Astelias
Three roses
Two pots of flax...(now molto maestoso, tempo primo, fortissimo)
And a Pittosporum for the Shrubbereeeeee...

Ha! Faithful readers all over the world will be united in song. Merry June!


I split heaps of firewood, and stacked heaps of firewood, and raked up leaves to use as mulch for the Shrubbery. But I didn't really buy anything (except for a cheerful-colours new dinner set and matching gardening shirt).