June Goodbyes

Right. This is goodbye. All packed - one green shirt, one blue shirt, one white shirt, three-quarter pants, a skirt, and my red gardening shoes. What have I forgotten? Hairbrush? Aargh!

Tuesday 5th June - Goodbye

Goodbye to all my lovely animals, my hens, and all the birds and insects in the Moosey garden. Fantails - beware of a supersized fluffy caramel coloured cat. Goodbye to all the plants and flowers - roses still blooming, succulents tucked into the glass-house, perennials and grasses. Goodbye to my native New Zealand shrubs and trees - especially you Cordylines and flaxes! I'll miss you all!

 The Moosey day-pack turns into a month-pack!
Traveling Light...

Happy gardening while I'm away - and look after your weeds, won't you! I'm going now - I'll be away for a month. My goodness! I'm only taking three little notebooks to write in...