So many flowers...

November is a stunning month, and this year, for the very first time, I have all the time in the world to do the garden. There are so many flowers - roses, rhododendrons, irises, peonies - and the lawns are still nicely green. Thank you, water and warmer weather!

 These are New Zealand pampas grasses.
Irises and Toi Toi

Monday 6th November

I have spent all morning doing silly, small things - planting out some potted perennials and lavateras, cleaning out old flax rubbish and burning it, weeding and doing the edges around Duck Lawn, and so on. I have been alone, thoughtful, wondering about life forces and energy - and how one can trick oneself into working harder by setting up rewards.

My reward is that I'm going swimming - which is actually another half hour of hard work - self conned! Well, it's an energetic way to finish an energetic morning.

Gardening and Life

Life is like a gardening list. Love, family, friends, garden, the animals, the piano music of Brahms, roses, healthy food, clean water, fresh air - and the All Blacks beating England in the rugby!

'When one is alone weeding, thinking about life, one isn't actually alone at all.'
-Moosey Words of Wisdom.

And, my goodness, gardening grows great friendships. Some take ages to germinate, while others blow in like desireable weeds, hit the ground running, and end up as much loved perennials. Oops - hope I haven't offended anyone!

Much later - I am a legend of small-things gardening (not to be confused with small-minded). I have even remembered to put the irrigation on for the Hazelnut Orchard roses. Rusty the dog and I wandered through the archways checking the climbers, which are in various states of bloom. Eastlea's Golden Rambler and Meg are thriving. One of the Lady Hillingdons (beautiful bronzy foliage) is sulking, while the other is reaching skywards. Oh well, the watering should help.

 A group in the Dog-Path Garden.
Foliage and Flower

And my new Rhapsody in Blue rose has one flower, which I've missed - it's rather tatty and faded. Aargh! Anyway, I have picked a maroon iris and one of the new coral peonies for a minimalist floral arrangement. Beautiful colours. And swimming was great.

It was not so rewarding coming inside after my afternoon gardening session, though. As a proper woman (?) I do vacuum (or hoover) the upstairs - it takes ages. Naturally I would not record such a mundane event (done late yesterday) in this journal. So - thanks a bunch to the cat who caught a blackbird this afternoon. You felt the urge to climb high over the roof, and in the window, to 'show and tell' - I understand perfectly. Little black feathers (downy ones, plus tail and wing) are now scattered all over the newly vacuumed carpet in three rooms. Humph...

 Lovely colour - and lots of flowers, too.
My New Coral Peony

Tuesday 7th November

It is raining steadily and seems cold. This is brilliant news for my garden (the rain, that is). It's the perfect morning for - I know - vacuuming the upstairs! Aargh! But first - feed the hens (lightly cooked peelings, old salad sandwiches, and rice) and the lamb (250 mls of watery lamb milk). Perhaps take some photographs of raindrops on roses and whiskers on - cats? Hee hee.