Speckles the Stray Cat

 Huge eyes! He is not very tame.
Speckles the Visiting Cat

OK, so Speckles is the daftest name for a cat. But some cats just name themselves. And so the caramel speckled tabby stray cat I'm feeding at night outside Pond Cottage is called Speckles. His body language shows he's not tame, but he's a talker. Miaow!

Am sure I've been unwittingly feeding him for some months - I leave the cottage door open in the day times. Am also sure he's peeped in the open door when I've been sitting up in bed with an early morning cup of tea. I've always thought it was a Fred being cheeky.

Late yesterday I was sitting on the cottage verandah when he appeared cautiously on the side path, huge eyes staring. I silly-talked to him for about fifteen minutes (as one does). He wasn't brave enough to take food from my hand but came quite close, and ate from his food bowl. Yes, he has his own food bowl now.

Meanwhile Minimus (my cottage cat) sat on the other end of the verandah in her chair, quite unconcerned. She's obviously got to know him, and he doesn't bother her. Darling, generous Minimus.

 On the cottage verandah.
Speckles the Visiting Cat

Sentimental me loves the idea that Speckles is a talking cat, and seems to have chosen me to be his special person. And so I've promised him I'll do my best for him. Realistic me knows that he'll probably appear only when it suits him. Or when he's super-hungry. Oh well.

He or she?

Footnote : of course he could be a she - haven't yet been able to see underneath the tail, so to speak. Wish me luck!