Bagging Buster

If you did a cat-count of the photographs on my website, you'd notice that my beautiful black cat Buster is sadly lagging behind. She fidgets in front of the camera, and won't stay still. Or she'll shut her eyes tightly so her face is all-black and featureless.

Skittish and light-footed

Buster is a very skittish, light-footed cat, and loves dancing over the lawns, over the house patios, and up and down the driveway. The Hump Garden seems to be her special place, and I'm pleased to see her keeping mainly to the paths - a sure indicator that I've planned the routes sensibly. Or maybe an indicator that she doesn't want to get her feet too dirty? Hmm...

Buster the Cat

Anyway, I've been busy these last days in the Hump Garden and have managed (by pointing and clicking) to get a wonderful non-smudgy picture of Buster by the blossom tree. She stopped dancing for a minute and posed for me, eyes open, white bib showing. Such a beautiful cat. Enjoy!