Rusty Dog

Rusty the Red Border Collie - it's well time you got your own dog-page! You're over a year old, and we still call you a puppy!

Dog Details

First, some physical details. Rusty is creamy beige and fluffy, with deep slanting brown eyes and long brown eyelashes. His fur has patches of dull orange, and his ear fur crimps in the rain. And - deeply shameful for a dog - he pees like a girl. Oops!

 Guarding the house and garden? Or just looking decorative?
Rusty on Duty

I've never had a gardening dog before. Rusty is such good gardening company. He helps me in the garden, whether I'm moving the wheel-barrow (No, Rusty! Leave the flax leaves alone!), or digging the vegetable garden (No, Rusty! No dog-digging allowed!), or moving my hoses around (No, Rusty! You can't eat the water!)...

 Well, almost...
Rusty - a Real Dog

A Sensible Dog

He is a sensible, social country dog, too. Walking down the road is a pleasure (No, Rusty! Don't chase the ducks! Ignore the neighbour's sheep! Don't bark at the nosy cows! Leave the magpies alone!) And like all country dogs he knows how to quench his thirst - you just stand in the water race facing up-stream, open your mouth and cool your chest - at the same time!

Country Walks and Bicycle Rides

Rusty likes walks and bicycle rides as well as gardening. There are four basic routes - down the road and back, the big country block, the much bigger country block, and the biggest block in the world - well the West Melton world, at least! He knows where all the rude, bully dogs hang out, where the nosiest cows graze, and where there might be rabbits.

Great smells, disgusting things to roll in, even more disgusting things to grab in mouth, all this plus fresh air and space, soft grass underfoot, and the chattering of the head gardener describing in detail her latest garden plan. What more could a country dog want?

It would be nice to be given dog-status, though. Being forever known as Rusty the Puppy, always hearing the ridiculous shouting of 'pup-pup-pup' - I mean, call him a puppy and he'll act like one?

 What a grubby puppy face! Rusty has been digging...
Rusty - a Real Puppy

Dog Status

So, Rusty the puppy, it is indeed time that you were granted adult dog status. So can your box of stuffed puppy-toys for in-house chewing be thrown out? Or should we wait until you lift your leg to a country lamp-post in manly dog-fashion? We love you so much, puppy dog!