Designer Kittens

It's a serious business, getting the right Christmas present for a stylish red border collie dog. Bones just get buried, and toy squeaking ducks are very un-PC - after all, this dog chased and single handedly, permanently, removed the flying Moosey rooster.

So how about a designer kitten? Cat and dog a stylish matching pair, colour co-ordination at least in the Moosey house, if not the Moosey garden? The perfect present!

 The marks on Beige Puss
Kitten in the Clover

Cat and Dog Colours

It's a question of colour. Rusty is beige-white with terracotta-orange highlights - actually, that description makes him sound rather like a daylily. Would there be a matching kitten, available for Christmas?

Enter my friend Judith, lover of animals, feeder of local strays, persistent visitor to the local vet with foster cats rescued and ready for the BIG FIX and a new home. Yes, she did have a little kitten, coloured off-white with pale orange ears and tail, who she'd managed to trap. Mum was semi-feral, kitten was a bit timid, but doing nicely.

 Fluff-Fluff the kitten, the digger of ten minute holes in the garden...
Kitten in the Roses

A Mature Country Home?

He needed a quiet, gentle home, with mature humans in residence. Would Mooseys Country Garden be remotely suitable? My friend was - well - a little cautious in her reply. I met the kitten, sat him on my lap, and he purred.

Kitten Number Two

Two days before the off-white-with-orange-extremities kitten was doomed to the scary, frightening, and immature life at Mooseys, another possibility came up. Judith had found a new kitten abandoned in the wasteland where she feeds the strays. He was a tiny ball of sad, shivering fluff, pale orange all over, and immediately extremely friendly.

Perhaps this kitten, obviously not from the wild, would be more robust psychologically to join Moosey’s Animal Farm? Judith pointed out that he still 'matched' the colour of the Moosey dog...

Cat lovers will know what happened next. A pledge to give a home to a cat or kitten is not given lightly. I arrived knowing I'd take them both, the cute and the ugly (white kitten had bulging eyes, and some ugly marks starting to appear on his face). A vet visit, good kitten food, a kind and gentle designer dog, a kitten-super-nanny (Mugsy the cat) - now the two new kittens have every reason to be happy and settled.

 Ha! Two Christmas presents in one photograph!
Beige Puss, Pig and New Christmas Weed Container

So Rusty the red border collie has not one but two Christmas designer kittens. Beige Puss is the perfect match for his off-white tummy and sides, while Fluff-Fluff does the orange thing. So very stylish!


The head gardener is a little sensitive regarding criticism of the new kittens' names. Beige Puss can be called 'B-Puss' if anyone is too embarrassed - who knows, one day soon the B could even stand for 'Brave'!

 He is a very tiny kitten!
Fluff-Fluff in the Pansies

And feeders of house animals will know that 'Fluff-Fluff' is the perfect name for food-calling - in fact 'Fluff-Fluff-Fluff' might be even better....