Bright yellow in spring.
Dogs Tooth Violet

A lovely clump of Dog's Tooth Violets, or Erythroniums, are growing happily in the semi-shade of the Stumpy Garden. They were dug out of a friend's garden when she was moving and relocated here.

Common Wildflowers

I believe that Erythroniums are common wildflowers in the USA, and there's a well-known garden variety called Pagoda, which mine are likely to be. My gardening friends have little to say about these flowers, though. Mention spring yellow-flowering bulbs and it's easy to think of daffodils and nothing much else.

The bright yellow early spring flowers always take me by surprise, and are wonderful to photograph. The flower detail close-up is really quite sculptural.

I'm happy to let them speak for themselves. What do you think? They are just gorgeous!

 The brightest yellow.
Erythroniums - Dogs Tooth Violets