Stumpy Garden Images

The Stumpy Garden was originally designed to be shrubby, with mainly rhododendrons underneath the Oak trees. Here are some images of this ever-changing garden.

Things changed drastically in spring, 2013, when large pine trees which were shading the garden from mid-day on came down. And they did come down - rather dramatically, in a severe wind storm.

The immediate years after 2013 saw many plants struggling. There was almost too much sunshine, and no shelter from the hot dry winds in summer. There was, of course, rather a lot of damage in the area nearest the pine trees. Shrubs are still recovering, and the end area is due a bit of a make-over. Rhododendrons lucky enough to be planted in the shadier areas are extremely happy!

Over twenty years after the original trees were chopped down, most of the large stumps are still standing in the middle of the plants and shrubs. The willow stump by the water continues to resprout each year.