Clary Sage

 A beautiful light effect under the Elm Tree.
Pink Clary Sage in the Elm Tree Garden

Salvias are a very varied and useful group of herbaceous perennials. Clary Sage, particularly the white variety, is one of my favourites. The colours of the bracts are subtle - creamy white and light green.

The more usual type has pink and white flowering bracts. These sages don't smell very nice, so it's best not to put them too close to a pathway, or to touch any parts of the plant.

Perennials Grown from Seed

They are brilliant used as filling perennials in new gardens - easily grown from seed, Clary Sage will flower within a few months of the seedlings germinating.

I prefer a mass planting of either the white Clary Sage or the pink flowering variety - so that the texture of the flowers can be most appreciated.

 A close-up of the white and green bracts.
White Clary Sage

Often the humblest of perennials can become the firmest favourites in a garden, especially when they are easy to manage. Salvias have a very good reputation with many gardeners, and Clary Sage is well worth growing.

 This grows in the very top of the Herb Spiral.
Salvia - Clary Sage