Flax (Phormium) Tricolor

One of my most favourite of all the plants in the garden is this beautiful hybrid phormium, or flax. I think it's called Tricolor. This is a three dollar bargain bin flax from the local nursery - it has the most amazing coloured stripes I've ever seen in any plant.

The stripes on the flax leaves are amazing close-up.
striped detail on flax tricolor

Nothing bugs flaxes. Flax leaves don't seem to ever get eaten (unlike expensive trendy variegated cordylines...hmm...). Wind doesn't get them, sun doesn't get them, rain doesn't get them. Snow certainly doesn't get them, nor does the frost that I get here. In British gardening magazines they are described as half hardy - they may be in Britain, but not here in their homeland!

No-Fuss Flaxes

Bargain bin flaxes are quite nonchalant about their circumstances - they don't really mind being root bound, or stuck in a planting bag for ages, or stashed out of sight behind the glass-house and discovered months later. They quickly settle down when planted out, and accommodate changes of position without any fuss in any season.

There is a similar flax cultivar called 'Rainbow' and I've seen monster specimens of this flax which have grown far too big. My Tricolors are modest in size, and so far have filled their allotted spaces perfectly. I hope that I've got it right for once - cross fingers!