Golden Hop

Several large tree stumps were left in Middle Border, and my plan was to disguise the biggest with suitable plantings. I selected a Golden Hop, which behaved well for the first year.

 I should have provided a huge archway for this monster to climb up!
The Disgraceful Golden Hop

The Golden Hop may look cute in the archive photograph below, but t is now showing its grosser intentions. I still love it - most of the time. I honestly had plans to erect a power pole in here so it could reach for the sky - instead of reaching for its poor plant neighbours.

 a plant with attitude
golden hop - archive photograph

More recently the Golden Hop has been the target of a clearing and removing programme. Will this clever plant be able to fight back? Hmm... more than likely. I think I am fated to have a Golden Hop forever in this part of the garden.